Home Automation system is the new thing in the town. It also people to keep a check and control on all the appliances and devices in their homes. You can set the temperature of your AC, switch off extra lights, maintain security of house through camera feeds and do other things with the help of the Automation system.



Today, we are going to present you with 10 absolute important facts people should know about Home Automation systems.

Added Safety Measures

You can now have the feature to control the small appliances and the lighting of your house with the touch of a button. You can always confirm if your kids have turned off the appliances after use and are not consuming energy unnecessarily. Not only does the home automation system allow you to save electricity and energy consumption in your house, it provides you with an added bonus of setting a time frame for which the appliances will work. This greatly helps in increasing the security and safety of your house.

Automated Door Locks

Perhaps, the greatest feature of the home automated system is the addition of automated door locks. The automation system allows you to lock your door away from the house with the touch of button on your smartphone.You can easily control the entry and exit of people in your house through your smartphone and would be alerted every time someone tries to enter your home. This allows you to control your house even when you are not there.

Presence of Security Cameras

No matter how hard you try, you cannot be present everywhere all at once. The presence of security cameras in the home automation system allows you to easily see what all is happening behind your back in the house through the live feed on your smartphone. Security cameras help to increase the safety of your family as it records clips when it detects movement near the camera or also saves feed from specific time of the day.

Allows you Temperature Adjustment

Most often, you don’t find the house a perfect place to sit in after returning from office due to it being too hot or too cold depending upon the weather outside. But, with the help of the automation system you can adjust the thermostat from outside the house to keep the house at the required temperature which you would like to have when you return home. This method is both very cost effective and also helps you to save on energy consumption.

Saves Time

If you are among those people who have to run from place to place regularly to keep doing you work, then maintaining the decorum of your house can be a complicated task. Most often you would leave any door unbolted or any light switch turned off which would consume a lot of energy. Also, you cannot just run back to your home to keep things in check as it would waste some valuable time. With the presence of a home automation system, you can easily forego these fears as you can easily control all the appliances in your home with your smartphone from anywhere.

Increases Convenience

The home automation system allows you to save on your utility bills. You won’t have to spend money on appliances your family members have left switched on by mistake as you can easily control them through your smartphone. You will be in complete control of all the devices which can help you to cut down on costs without exerting any additional effort.

Saves Costs and Energy

As mentioned earlier, a home automation system allows you to bring down the costs of your monthly utility bills by allowing you to keep a tab on all the appliances and the lightings and switch those off which are not in use from the comfort of your smartphone.

Increases Peace of Mind

Well, this thing won’t apply to all of you, but to those, who are in constant worry of leaving any appliance switch on or leaving your front door unbolted, the home automation system will bring a sense of relief and offers them some peace of mind. People are usually dealing with a lot of stress every day and removing a few of those can really be beneficial to people.

Provides you CompleteControl

Now you won’t have to worry about giving keys of your house to your neighbor while going on an out-of-town trip. You can still be in control of your house even if you are out of town with the help of the home automation system. You can easily allow the entry and exit of people in your house and helps you in monitoring your house through feeds from the security cameras. It helps you to remain in charge of your house even when you are out of town.

Keeping Tabs On Family

With the help of the home automation system, you are able to easily keep regular watches on your children. You can easily monitor their entry and exit of the house and can keep a watch on them through the cameras. This will make sure you know whatever they are upto throughout the day, which is quite a useful feature for busy parents.

Final Say

Although the home automation system is expensive at first, it pays you back by saving on your monthly billsand the added features allows complete safety and security of your family.

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