Things to look for in your neighborhood before buying a property

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If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford to buy a property, then first of all Congratulations! Buying a property is a big deal in India. Owning one’s own house is a matter of great pride in India and many view it as a necessity as well.

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House for Rent Specially Meant for IT Working Techies in Mysore

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The Heritage City Mysore (Mysuru) is going to be the sister city of Bangalore due to the expansion of IT and allied services from its suburbs to Mysore on the Bangalore Mysore Highway. Since 2005, there are many major Indian and MNC’s has opened their branches as future cost effective

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Operate Your Mobile Phone with Voice Instructions

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Controlling the device with voice instruction is not a new concept. Voice recognition technology has been around for a long time and now it has provided opportunity for users to control their mobile phones. Many of the models that are present out there have the feature to accept general instructions

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Creative Ways To Use Whatsapp For Business

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Whatsapp is known to be the most easy text messaging social networking site. It has been founded on the year of 2009 and had been grown rapidly day by day. It offers a lot of rich features which includes contact addition automatically, instant text messaging, Whatsapp Status,Sending audios & videos,

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What Are The Revolutionary Changes In The Ecommerce

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Nowadays, online has brought the revolutionary changes in the world, mainly to conduct the businesses and affairs. Due to the advent of technology the online irreversibly changed into different perspective on every day. The world of business and commerce has been the high expectation this leads to rapid changes. Moreover

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Download Play Store APK 5.7.10 Latest Version

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If your Android smartphone or tablet didn’t come with Google Play Store installed on it, either because it was a clone device from China or was rooted by you or a previous owner, you have probably heard that you need to find the Play Store APK file to install the

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How and Where to use Apple Pay?

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Gone are the days for cashless payments; brace yourself up for contactless payments. Launched in the US by Apple, the contactless payment system has now been introduced in the UK as well. With this system in place users of iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple watches in UK would be

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Five Major Tips to Get Your Sales Call Answered By Your Customers

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Loved by someone and hated by others cold calling is generally one of the best ways of finding new customers for your business. Equal parts terrifying and exciting there is nothing that would give you a good feeling like the feeling of closing a deal after cold calling someone. And

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Ways to Reset Windows 8 Password

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Now-a-days computer security matters a lot irrespective of the location like home, office or any other public area. Keeping this in view, Windows 8 by default have to enter the password to get access to their administrative account. This is for no doubt is good side offered by Windows but

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