WordPress VS. HTML – Which One to Choose for Your Small Business

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When starting a new business, there are many important choices you will have to make. One of these is choosing the right system for managing your website. The standard way of doing this is through HTML but more and more business owners today prefer using WordPress. If you are struggling

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Filpkart and Amazon sale Rivals war

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Filpkart and Amazon sale Rivals war Sale season is here again! With two of India’s leading online shopping website having brought on their annuals sales to attract customers. Amazon and Flipkart usually have good business but in sale season they have out of the roof business by providing their customers

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Stay Safe from forthcoming Big Data Challenges

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We live in a world, which is increasingly driven by data in the sense that with time data communication around the globe has grown to be very voluminous. This large volume of data that businesses capture on a day-to-day basis-whether structured or unstructured has the potential to be mined for

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