Data Digitalization – how to do it effectively?

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Electronic document workflow is not a novelty for anyone today – every organization needs to manage documents in a digital way in order to work effectively.  At the same time, it is a challenge: how to go through the digital transformation painlessly and get the most out of it? Electronically

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5 Methods to Give Your Online Presence the Quickest Boost

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As a new business on the market, you’ll find a plethora of guides and walkthroughs that suggest patience, however, patience and inactivity are not one and the same. Sure, when your business starts growing, you’ll find out that the digital footprint of your business grows exponentially and not linearly. This

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3 Reasons Why Video File Formats Are Important

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People generally tend to not understand video file formats much, or assume they are just the file extension alone. In actual fact the video file format has a big impact on the video, as it determines how the video’s data is encoded and stored. While it can be a bit

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