In 2016, mobile ad spend is expected to top a staggering $100 billion. Business owners are quickly learning that in order to see sales increase they must revamp their marketing strategies to accommodate a world that has gone increasingly mobile. Here are 5 mobile marketing tips designed to help you drive sales:

Look to Local Search

Most people are already at least tangentially aware of the necessity of SEO optimization. Incorporating relevant keywords into your website content boosts search ranking and helps you build both brand recognition and traffic, but more and more the marketing industry is recognizing the need for local search optimization as well. The Google Mobile Moments Study found that 40 percent of web searches that originate on a mobile device have local intent, meaning those consumers are looking for a local business in which to spend their money. By updating your SEO link building strategy to include localized keywords such as street names, city names, the name of relevant shopping centers, and zip codes, you can attract the attention of consumers who are a) already nearby, and b) ready to visit a store and make a purchase.

Optimize Emails for Mobile Reading

Have you ever opened an email on your smartphone and quickly closed it after realizing that images didn’t appear, links were broken, and text trailed off the side of your screen? You and pretty much every other cell phone user. Mobile devices read and display emails differently than desktop computers, so you’ll need to take change the structure of your messages accordingly. Responsive design, necessary for both your email and website, is a way to provide consumers with a positive viewing experience of and interaction with your marketing material; no matter what device the email is read on, the text is easy to decipher, all content fits on the screen or can be found by panning or scrolling, graphics are correctly sized and download quickly, and everything loads in a timely manner.

Add Videos to Your Marketing Plan

Content marketing is still king, but it’s no longer synonymous with written collateral like blogs. Today, consumers in the United States spend 413 minutes every month watching videos via their mobile device and/or Wi-Fi. Not only is video an eye-catching and creative way to share brand messages or launch new products, it’s also an opportunity to reach a sector of the population that might not be served by blogs alone; 65 percent of the global population identify as visual learners, meaning that your new viral video might be the best chance they’ve had to see what you’re selling and fully understand just why they ought to buy it.

Don’t Discount Pinterest

Perhaps surprisingly, statistics show that Pinterest is the most mobile of all social networks, with 64 percent of its traffic originating from tablets and smartphones. Pinterest is full of recipe posts and wedding planning pins, but amongst all that user-provided content is a growing amount of branded marketing material. Businesses can post pictures of products with pricing information (a relatively new feature) and a link to their e-commerce site, or share a blog that will drive site traffic, and then use on-site analytics to track it all.

Text Great Discounts and Deals

People love to save money, and apparently they really love a deal that they don’t have to find and clip out of the Sunday paper. Some 44 percent of consumers surveyed said that they would like to receive coupons and other deals delivered straight to their smartphone. You can do so through your mobile app, or by offering consumers the ability to opt-in to SMS messaging. You can then text happy hour specials, Black Friday coupons, free movie ticket passes – whatever you’d like offer in order to tempt new consumers or reward existing ones, you can now send out with immediacy and ease. As a bonus, digital QR codes make redemption especially simple – especially when compared to long and clunky confirmation codes.

Mobile marketing offers you a chance to find new and creative ways to introduce consumers to your brand while also boosting all-important sales. Create and share content your audience will appreciate and deliver it to the devices they use the most and you’ll soon discover that everybody wins.

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Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s mass text messaging automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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