Apps are great additions to your arsenal because they can help you build more traffic and sales. For the purpose of this short article, we will talk about how you can increase your sales by using different Shopify apps. If you need a bit of assistance, these are some good tools to use that will get your sales flowing in a new direction. With that being said, here are 4 awesome Shopify apps that will help you gain more sales.


OSI Affiliate Software

There’s nothing like having a solid affiliate program to really bring awareness to your brand. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate in the realm of ecommerce marketing, you find an affiliate program takes you to another level. OSI Affiliate Software provides great services such as: reducing the bounce rate, rewarding your referrals, developing more sales through leads, and turning your email list into something you can monetize. What makes this special is that you integrate different programs with the OSI software. You’ll be able to gain sales a lot easier, and you can hire someone from the team to help you. Set up a special contest through OSI Affiliate Software so you can rake in even more sales and show loyalty to your referral team.


Personalizer – Targeted Recommendations

It’s important to have a way to upsell your products. Why is this important? Well, it’s easier to sell multiple times to one person than to try selling a single item to various people. Through this program, you’ll learn about the behavior of your customers. This way you’ll recommend products they are more prone to buy. You can see what products your customers like scrolling through on certain pages. As a result, you’ll have a better system of creating more revenue by using smart data for long-term growth.


Recart – the new GhostMonitor

Abandonment is a huge problem when it comes to sales. Sometimes, you could be right on the verge of a sale but the issue is someone gets distracted or ends up buying somewhere else. With Recart, you’ll be able to monitor the abandonment rate and find out certain methods to decrease it. In the app, you can use cart popups, abandonment cart campaigns, push notifications, and other methods to help ensure the customer follows through with a buying decision. Also, these popups aren’t disruptive and only help the customer make a favorable choice in your regard.


Sales Countdown Timer Bar by SpurIT

The fear of missing out is also a great tactic to get more impulsive sales. Maybe you have 48 hour sale going on and you want to clear out some product really fast. This is a good app to actually set a timer on certain products, so the customer is more inclined to buy quickly. You can start and end different sale dates. You can create timers on the products you want to sell immediately. Match your time to the theme and have the right colors to get more attention to specific items.


These are just a few things you can do to increase your sales with Shopify apps.

What apps do you like to use for your business? Leave a comment below.


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