When companies invest in websites, they want to get the best possible return on that investment. The process begins with the right website URL, and it blossoms into the most powerful marketing tool your company will have. But if you want to get that website off the ground, then you need to consider some truly premium domain names for your business. The success or failure of your website as a marketing tool rests on the domain URL you choose for many reasons.

# Customers Remember Good Domain Names

If you own ABC, Inc., then the first thing your customers will do to try and find your company online is type www.ABCInc.com into their browsers. This is referred to as direct traffic that doesn’t even need a search engine to find your site. When you have a website domain name that is direct, you will significantly increase your traffic. All is not lost if you don’t have a direct domain name, but your return on your marketing investment will be significantly higher if you can get a domain that is easy for your clients to find.

It Helps With The Search Engines

A quality domain name makes it easier for search engines to associate your company name with your website. A quality domain name will enhance your website content and make it easier for search engines to put your company at the top of search engine results. Your SEO marketing programs will also get a boost when you purchase a domain name that closely resembles your company name.

A Quality Domain Looks Better On Marketing Materials

In the business world, image is everything and that is especially true with your business cards. When you present your business card to a new business contact, you are making a first impression that needs to be positive. A quality domain name looks good on a business card and it portrays a professional image to the people you are dealing with. A quality business domain is also effective on marketing materials, and it will improve your company’s image at trade shows.


# Sales Presentations Look And Sound More Effective

The power of a positive image in the business world can never be understated and a strong domain name will go a long way towards helping your sales staff to close more sales. Along with presenting a professional corporate image, a strong domain name will also stick in the minds of your sales prospects and help to close more sales.


A business professional makes a lot of important marketing decisions, but few are as important as finding the perfect domain name. The success of your website as a marketing tool and as an enhancement to your company’s professional image all start with the perfect domain name.

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