If you run an e-commerce store or are planning to start one soon, then you will also be looking at various ways to attract visitors to it. Many methods can be used to increase the traffic to your store including SEO tactics, social media marketing etc. Below, we look at four SEO tips which you can use to increase traffic to your e-commerce websites.

‘Versus’ Posts

One of the most popular posts that shoppers look for is the ‘versus’ posts, which refers to content that compares one product with another. The reason why such kind of posts attract a large number of visitors is that people will always want to buy the best product, and as such will want to know which among their favorite products offer the best features at a reasonable price. For example, a person wanting to buy a smartphone might search for ‘iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy’. So, look for the competitors to your products, and create such ‘versus’ articles. And since people who search for such articles are usually interested in purchasing the products, adding a buying link directed to your store can help in getting sales from the article page.

‘Buy Online’ Tag

When creating the title tags of the products, make sure that you add the words ‘Buy Online’ to them. Doing so will make sure that people who are searching for an item using the words ‘buy online’ are likely to come across your website and become interested in buying the product. For example, when looking to purchase a pair of shoe, people will generally type in ‘buy shoe online’ or ‘shoe buy online’ or something similar. As such, it makes sense to add in the words ‘buy online’ into the title tag of the product page, so that the final title tag looks something like ‘get 50% off on shoes – buy online now’, rather than just ‘get 50% off on shoes’. This will make your link look much more interesting to a customer since you are indicating to them that the product can be purchased through your website.

Duplicate Content

Avoid all duplicate content from your e-commerce store and blog. If Google thinks that your website has a large number of duplicate content, then your store’s search engine rankings can drop like a rock.  And e-commerce websites are especially prone to duplicate content since things like product descriptions are usually copied from manufacturer descriptions, and will be the same as other websites who sell the same product. As such, get all your product descriptions rewritten and ensure that they don’t match with the descriptions on other stores or on the manufacturer website.

Product Images

Many e-commerce websites continue to upload pictures of their products using completely unrelated names. This is just bad SEO. Image search is increasingly becoming a prominent search method. As such, you should take special care to ensure that all your product images are named exactly with the product name. So, if you upload an iPhone 7 image, then name the image as ‘iPhone7.jpg’ and not ‘12ce4.jpg’.

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