Willing to buy some best earphones? Today, everyone uses earphones to listen music, watching videos without disturbing others and to talk privately to some people so that another person is not able to listen that talk. Few years ago earphones was not available and when they came into existence it was then sold in large amount.

So, when anybody wants to listen song then song plays loud and disturb other person those are busy in work. Earphones are considered as one of the best electronic gadget for this reason.

Using Earphones only you are able to listen the song so that other persons who are busy in work will not get disturb. So when we buy earphones we must check sound clarity, frequency range and mic so that you can make call handsfree. Clarity is one of the important aspect because if we are using handsets then it is necessary that we are able to listen the audio clearly.

In this article, I am going to list down the 5 Best Earphones Under Price 1000 that will help you to buy earphones with good quality. Different big companies like Sony, Samsung, Apple provide their own company handsets which are also good but the price varies in those earphones.

So, let’s have a look at  5 Best Earphones under 1000:

1.     Sony MDR-EX15APLIZE

This is the best earphones launched by the Sony with best features. Sony MDR-EX15APLIZE has mic which will help the other person to listen your voice clearly. And another one is it has also in-built remote. The frequency range of Sony MDR-EX15APLIZE is between 8Hz to 22000Hz. It is available in blue color and different sizes like small, medium or large are available so you can buy as per your requirement. It’s cost price is Rs.799.



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2.     SoundMAGIC ES18S BS

SoundMAGIC is the new company so most of people are still not aware of it but this company has also provided one of the best earphone named as “SoundMagic ES18S BS”. It also have best features that are in-built mic and sound quality. It’s frequency range between 15Hz to 22000Hz and price at Rs.680. There is 10mm driver for the clarity of the sound. So this is another Best Earphones Under Price 1000 and you can buy it without worrying about anything.





3.     Panasonic RP-TCM125E-K

The Panasonic RP-TCM125E-K is another earphone which comes in 5 Best Earphones Under Price 1000, it’s price at Rs. 730. This earphones also has features like other earphones that is built-in mic as well as inline remote. It has 9mm driver that provide best quality sound with best frequency.




Image Path :  shop.panasonic.com


4.     Philips SHE3595BK/00

The earphones are launched by the Philips Company. The Philips SHE3595BK/00 has good sound quality as well as there is in built mic to talk with someone handsfree. The frequency range is between 12 Hz to 22000Hz. This earphone is available in black colour and its price at Rs. 840.


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5.     JBL T150A

JBL T150 has also the same features as the other earphones have that is in built mic and inline remote. But there is also a button along with the mic so that people are easy  to make call. It’s price at Rs. 899 and this earphone available in black and white colour.

Image Path : harmanaudio.in

So listed above are some of the best earphones which you can use to listen and enjoy music or have a conversation with anyone without facing any sound problem.

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