If you’re one of the enterprising souls who decided to run a laundry business, then you know that success is more than just a matter of providing a place for people to wash their clothes.

No, attracting clients and securing their loyalty takes more than the bare minimum. It takes a dedication to keeping your clients comfortable and keeping laundry day from feeling like a terrible chore.

Consider investing in these five laundromat upgrades to make your place the talk of the town.


  1. Get Smart

Nothing spells convenience like smart technology: hardware geared towards keeping users updated about their devices and making these devices as user-friendly as possible. It’s a trend that’s currently rocking the user electronics industry, and appliances are joining the race.

Manufacturers like Continental Girbau are leading the charge with commercial washers capable of tracking your wash cycles and recording pre-set configurations to make laundry a quick and intuitive process. Adding layers of functionality to the machines that serve as the lifeblood of your business will be sure to make a great impression on your customers.


  1. Dress (Your Store) for Success

Customers may come to you for your accessible laundromat equipment, but unless your store proper can guarantee some level of comfort, they’re unlikely to recommend you to their friends. Positive reviews and word of mouth are the most basic form of publicity that a business should strive to reach, and for laundromats, it’s all a matter of design.

Consult an interior design business to see what options work best for you. Ask about improving the vibrancy of your colors, and optimize the ergonomics of how you set up your machines, register, and waiting areas. A good redesign should improve both the visual impact of your store as well as the flow of your customer experience –the more positive the space, and the easier to navigate, the better.

You know you’re onto something great when your customers brag about their local laundromat on Instagram. Just don’t forget to thank us when you’re internet famous.


  1. Keep Things Fun

In line with the earlier point of generating buzz, you might also want to consider adding amenities and perks to your store. These little extras go a long way in improving the brand of your laundromat, and keeping customers returning with greater frequency.

They can range from flat screen televisions to vending machines that pay for themselves over time. Things that keep your customers busy while waiting help form strong positive associations with your business, and make their overall experience one they might even look forward to.

Browse the internet to see how other businesses both at home and abroad give their customers more bang for their buck, and follow suit.

The rule of thumb guiding all these tips is simple: you can’t go wrong when you invest in your customers’ convenience and enjoyment. Make smart purchases and get in with the times to give your laundromat the upgrade it deserves.

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