If you are planning a trip or a holiday to a foreign nation, you’ll first need an itinerary. The countries listed below have been selected on the basis of how beautiful they are, how safe they are, how fun they are and on how much they have to offer tourists with respect to the cuisine, must-see attractions and overall vibe. These locations are breath-taking, they are eye-opening and they are jaw-dropping. They are the top 5 most beautiful locations the natural world has to offer.


  1. Australia – The Land of The Roo’s.

Nothing defines the word ‘Diversity’ more than Australia. Go diving among the colourful coral reefs and try out a range of other adventure activities at the Great Barrier Reef. Visit the rugged Kangaroo Island, the Island of Whitsunday and the iconic Opera House in Sydney. Nobody leaves Australia without a trip to the natural wonders of The Twelve Apostles. The perennially sunny weather of Australia and the thriving social culture make it a great destination for a holiday.


  1. Spain – It’s Not One Spain But Many Spains.

Devour cutting-edge Spanish cuisine and learn to dance the Flamenco. If possible, try to coincide your visit with the many festivals in Spain such as the Tenerife Carnival, La Tomatina festival or the famous Encierro or the bull running festival. While you’re here don’t forget to visit the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, famous for their iconic football clubs. The animated nightlife, the rich-cultural heritage, the impressive beaches and islands make Spain a perfect travellers destination.


  1. South Africa – The Land of The Un-tamed.

The safari rides in the Kruger National Park and the Addo Elephant National Park beckon wildlife fanatics as much as the staggering cliffs of the Cape of Good Hope. While you’re here, don’t forget to visit the flat-as-its-name-suggests, Table Mountain, the Table Bay and Thermostat Center of the world – the Kalahari dessert. The vineyards of Franschhoek in South Africa can easily give the wines of France a run for their money. A trip to South Africa should definitely be on your bucket list.


  1. Italy – Pisa, Pizza and Pasta! Ooh La La!

Italy is the home of the Renaissance era and the Roman Civilization. Sip wine for hours in Venice and sunbathe on the peaks of Riomaggiore. Rome, the capital city houses the Pope. Take a gondola ride through the picturesque waterway of the famous Grand Canal that divides the city of Venice into two sections. Explore the historic ruins of the Colosseum and stare in awe at the architectural wonder of the leaning tower of Pisa. Stroll through the olive patches and grape vineyards in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Visit stunning cathedrals in St. Peter’s square and catch a glimpse of the magnificent artwork of the renowned artist, Michelangelo. Italy is truly a dream destination.


  1. France – Where Love Knows No Boundaries.

When you think about the most romantic destination in the World, you think of France. This is the country that gave us the iconic Eiffel tower and the beautiful Mona Lisa. Apart from the attractions in Paris, France is also famous for its Mediterranean beaches, its alpine villages, medieval cities and vineyards. It is renowned for its stunning architecture, glamorous cabaret nights and sophisticated cuisine. This is the land of champagne and cheese. The best time to visit this enchanting place is during the spring where you can go hiking along the slopes of Morzine to witness some of the most wonderful views you can ever imagine. It encompasses everything from the snow-capped peaks to the quaint landscapes of the country side to the sandy coastline of the French Riviera. A trip to France is on the bucket list of almost everyone and this nation surely deserves that. This country holds a unique appeal for folks from all around the globe for its culture, wines, cuisine and landscapes.

We have listed the top 5 destinations on earth that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Besides these, there are several other locations that might catch your fancy. So which country are you going to visit next?

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