Security technology may sound boring, but it isn’t. The following technologies were developed because there’s a great need for improved security solutions to combat the breaches and threats that have inundated businesses and individuals in recent years. As hacking gets more sophisticated, so does security, and these are the coolest products and services to come from some of the greatest minds in security solutions.

Like something out of a sci-fi novel or movie, the following products are mind-blowingly awesome, and they’re being used to save you from intrusive viruses and malware.

Encrypted FIPS Certified Flash Drive

Owning an encrypted flash drive will make you feel like a secret agent (or, maybe an international spy if that’s your thing). These flash drives look standard, except they feature a keypad for entering a password. This is called flash key encryption, which means if the drive is lost or stolen the data on it can’t be accessed.

What’s cooler? These devices are designed with military grade encryption and are built water and dust resistant. Oh yeah, and they come preloaded with antivirus protection and data backup, making encrypted flash drives one of the safest ways to store and transfer data.

Iris at a Distance (IaaD) Technology

Remember in Minority Report when iris cameras could identify any person walking in or out of a business? Yeah, that’s real; except, it hasn’t been so widely adopted as of yet. Right now, IaaD tech is mainly used in airports and other businesses where there’s a greater need for security.

IaaD tech is useful to passengers boarding airplanes because it speeds up the check-in process. “It is able to locate and capture the iris of the passenger, as opposed to the user having to stand in an exact location for the capture to be successfully completed, thus speeding up the process.” Reports “All the passenger has to do is place their boarding pass on a reader and the gate opens within three seconds.”

A Smart Bulb that Doubles as a Security Camera

For use indoors and out, the Sengled Snap Light with WiFi connectivity doubles as a security camera. The winner of the 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award, the light bulb features a 1080p security camera that’s undetectable because it’s inside an LED lightbulb. Cnet reports the LED bulb works for more than 20,000 hours. Woah.

Facial Recognition Technology

It’s here, and it’s available to everyone (not just corporate CEOs and spies involved in espionage). Facial recognition uses your device’s camera to scan your face, and if it’s really you, the device will unlock. If you’re sick and tired of remembering passwords and bored of fingerprint technology, facial recognition tech is will fill the void.

Keep in mind, this technology isn’t perfect. It has the potential to violate privacy laws, according to The Washington Post. And, retailers may abuse it. “Facial recognition technology is already being deployed to let brick-and-mortar stores scan the face of every shopper, identify returning customers and offer them individualized pricing – or find ‘pre-identified shoplifters’ and ‘known litigious individuals.’” Imagine paying more for something simply because they know you’ll buy it because you have before.

Voice-Activated Smart Locks

Like something out of Mission Impossible, voice-activated smart locks are now available for your home. Are your hands too full to enter your password into the keypad? You don’t have to. This lock recognizes you by your voice. Currently, these devices only work with Apple’s Siri technology, but rest assured competing companies are trying to work it out for Android users.

Considering hackers are targeting even children now, you can’t be too careful. Be sure you only choose fully vetted security solutions, and pair them with a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity software. This includes virus and malware protections, and don’t forget to protect your devices (old and night) too.


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