Are you a senior already? Then it’s possibly too late for you to read this article.

At least you can check if you’ve missed anything during your college years. They are definitely unlike any other time in your life. On the one hand, it’s an important period, when you grow, become mature, figure out your future and career, on the other hand, you still have almost no responsibilities. Without any doubt lectures and practical classes are essential for your future life, but you still have much free time and can enjoy it. For sure you will remember the experience you’ve got during this time and the friends you’ve made.


College is a wonderful opportunity to be crazy and young before your trip into the real life begins. While you are in search of your own way to fit into the world, make the most of your precious time and opportunities.There are some things, which are vital to do before graduate, here are the 5 most important for you to consider.

Go abroad.

Rare students have enough room in the schedule or financial opportunities to go and study abroad. However, try your best to at least travel to some other country for a short time and get the experience of another way of life before you settle down after college. The opportunities are variable – you can join a friend of yours in his or her trip some time or just hop over the border in case you live not far from it.However, it’s even more fascinating to study abroad, try to find some grants, financial aid or other programs for this as well. During your studies in another country, you’ll be able to visit the places, you’ve never been and to get the experience you’ve never had. Take advantage of such a chance and be sure you’ll cope with the challenge.

Take a class just because it interests you.

As soon as you’ve arrived on campus, you definitely got a set program of studies for your chosen major. However, in most cases, there is also space for electives, take advantage of it and take the subjects, which are of interest for you or may help in the long run. No matter if it’s a class in French, yoga or creative writing, the main criteria here is that you should be genuinely interested and enjoying it. The range of courses is as a rule unbelievable, study it carefully and benefit as much as you can. Such a class may really become your most favorite one and be a perfect break to all those dull courses for the major.

Get an internship.

An internship is a perfect chance to get the true-to-life experience in your career field. It may be your best opportunity to stamp yourself in the industry you are going to work in after the graduation. No matter if you feel the passion to what you are doing or just gain experience in your field, enjoy it, every minute and moment of it. Some learners consider internship more an exercise in character strengthening than career advancement, don’t join them. The internship can and should be relevant and really cool, as well as helpful for your future occupation and progress. This experience is also precious due to the fact that you can not only utilize everything you learned in your future job but add this practice to your resume. In case you fail to find internship opportunities, consider volunteering somewhere, where you can get the necessary skills and experience for the future. You can even volunteer for a different organization each year, it may even be more beneficial, providing you with the opportunity to meet various specialists across your industry and realize what the work for different types of organizations is like.

Make as many friends as possible and network actively.

College years are the most favorable and easy times to make new friends. Each new semester comes with the new classes and consequently new fellow-mates, as a rule, you live among the other students of your age, you attend various events and meet people there as well. Benefit from all these opportunities, make great friends at least to stay sane during your studies, however, such friendship often proves to be real in the long run. Networking events are also beneficial, but mostly for your future career. So sign in to as much of the events as possible and stay in touch with the acquaintances you’ve got there. Networking from the early years at college will ensure a large network of people useful for the career development after graduation.

Try something you’ve never done before.

Everyone knows that it’s tough to step outside the comfort zone, however, it might be a perfect chance for you to boost your confidence if doing so on purpose. Put yourself in disadvantage, let’s say, go to a session of classic dancing. You might never return there, but I assure you’ll be proud of yourself and get to know new people.The main thing to remember during the years at college is to enjoy the days of youth in full, and not to spend this time indoors. Your youth does not come with a package of great memories or bright experience, neither it brings long-lasting friends, but you can make it for yourself. So make the best of it!

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