People are on social media and so should you. Indeed, social media platforms are highly valuable businesses can no longer afford not to be on it. Interactions occur on these platforms thus the failure to penetrate such channel could mean giving up your market share to your competitive that easily. Don’t. However, the problem lies not in the game, but in the player and how that player plays the game. Mistakes to make are plenty hence, if you are doing any of these on social media, stop it right now.

1) Bragging about accomplishments

Being proud of triumphs is totally fine. What is wrong is bragging about your previous accomplishments over and over again, and you do this simultaneously on your social profiles. Again, there is nothing completely wrong with sharing your excitement to others. However, do it in moderation. No need to bring up about the award you received in 2012. On the other hand, if you’ve successfully sponsored a charity event recently, you may post it on your page. Don’t you forget why you are on these social platforms in the first place hence, try not to validate yourself and focus on helping your target audience.

2) Spreading negative vibes

No one wants to view a newsfeed that is filled with negativity. Did you know that there are studies which proved that people prefer to see positive posts and updates on Facebook? True enough, we want to see posts that inspire awe and updates that educate and entertain us. Notably, when updating your timeline, avoid overly political competitor-bashing posts. You will lose followers if you do so. Respect their values and ideals by avoiding posting anything that opposes them. After all, you don’t want to be known as the tactless brand at least on social media.

3) Confusing the public

Are you the type of business that promotes multiple products, services and events at a time? If you are, stop right there. How can you expect a particular service to gain traction if you are confusing your target audience of your priorities? Not to mention, an event, for instance, might get buried from the influx of unrelated updates. Instead, focus in promoting a product, service or event that’s already been identified and planned. Put all your energy into it and nothing else before venturing into another campaign so that the product, service or event on hand will receive the attention it deserves.

4) Flooding notifications with spam

Automated posts and messages are considered spam. There are only very few instances wherein anyone is allowed to send automated messages. Thus, overusing them is a form of abuse and at the expense of your target audience. Businesses that send automated updates randomly are putting their brand at risk. A brand is made up of its target market, which are real people. A well-loved brand interacts with these people on a more personal level. That excludes sending spam. Send a spam message and you will automatically lose that potential customer to any of your rivals. Likewise, spam messages will generate lower click through rate, so why bother? Nevertheless, if you think you really need an automated post, make sure that it will provide the valuable information to the people.

5) Sharing without validating authenticity

Since you are a brand, everything you will share on social media will be deemed as credible and accurate thus your followers tend to re-share. What do you think it will make them feel once they discovered that what they’ve shared is a hoax? What do you think it will make them feel about you? Not good, definitely. Imagine how easy it is to kill a brand’s credibility online. Bottom-line, you need to verify everything that you want to share on your page. Don’t raise fear, anger and anxiety over something that you yourself don’t know if real or not. If you have doubt, don’t share or re-share.

Social networking platforms are created at your disposal. Don’t ruin its purpose by doing any or all of the mishaps mentioned above because it might only hurt your brand more than helping it. If you are unconsciously doing these mishaps, now is the perfect time to stop. For social media to be an effective strategy, you need to do it right. Be the player that everybody loves to love.

By – Tristan Jasper  a marketer, entrepreneur and a freelance blogger. He’s currently working as a digital marketer at one of the top internet marketing agency in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter @tristanjasperph.

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