The liquidity of the forex market is on its own an incentive enough for a lot of people to show some interest in becoming a part of it, however, a lot of them haven’t the faintest idea of what it takes to actually succeed there. Seeing as how they haven’t got a clue about things like stop-loss order, trading strategies and trading platforms, their odds when paired against more experienced forex traders aren’t that great. With this in mind and in order to remedy this mistake, here are five vital steps you need to take in order to succeed in the forex market.

1.      Trading style defines your risk profile

If you were to become a writer, you would have to find your voice – the way in which you address your audience. With an online trader, this is called finding your trading style. For instance, you can either become a position trader, someone who invests and waits for days, weeks and months for their funds to return and grow or you can become a day trader.

A day trader makes small deals on a daily basis and in this way doesn’t have to worry about the massive long-term investments. The greatest difference here is in a risk profile. As far as the profits go, it isn’t necessarily true that a position trader makes more than a day trader (while it is most commonly the case). It all depends on the success rate of your strategy and the amount of money you are willing to invest.

2.      Record keeping is game-breaking practice

It will take some time in order for any style or strategy to yield results. Unfortunately, while experience is a great teacher, it isn’t completely reliable due to its incredibly subjective in nature. For instance, a single massive gain may appear to cover several minor loses when, in reality, this doesn’t have to be the case. This is similar to what gamblers go through. So, in order to deal with this much more efficiently, you have to invest a bit of time and effort into your record keeping. Furthermore, whenever in doubt, you might want to take some time to analyze the data you’ve gathered so far.

3.      Picking the right platform is of the vital importance

Being able to pick the right platform is one of the most important things for online trading. First of all, if you want all your information to be delivered to you in real-time, you have to make sure that the platform you are using is low latency and high responsiveness. Additionally, you want a platform that is available on various devices, so that you can access the information you need and issue orders from your phone, office laptop or your household desktop computer.

4.      Gathering necessary experience

Apart from monetary gain, succeeding in the forex market also brings you necessary experience for other, similar endeavors in the future. Of course, future cryptocurrency traders or blockchain investors, might want to learn more by exploring niche-relevant portals such as The Blockchain Review. We are mostly talking about information that can also be gained through guides and insights. Still, in order to fully benefit from your current forex market experience, you need to employ your foresight and plan your future activities in the business world three steps ahead.

Forex Experience

5.      Using well-prepared orders

Finally, one of the things that a lot of people talk about yet not enough of them actually use are the stop orders. We are of course talking about the stop-loss and stop-gain orders, which are supposed to be set at a fixed rate. Remember, you’re not a gambler but a trader, a businessman, which means that you shouldn’t rely on the idea that your luck would turn or that you can get rich off of one successful deal. For example, if you set your stop-loss order at about 1 percent of your total net worth and your stop-gain order at about 6 percent, you can still remain profitable with only 30 percent of successful trade deals.


At the end of the day, succeeding in the forex market takes time and patience. Of course, you can adopt a trading strategy the first day of doing business and you can set the stop orders in the same way, however, there’s much more to online trading than just that. Knowing how to act or behave in situations that are out of ordinary or better yet, to keep the same level of discipline when things start misbehaving are just some of the skills you need to master. These, however, all come in time. All that the above-listed five steps do is help make this transition from a layman trader to a veteran forex merchant come a lot sooner.

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