In today’s world, we are more dependent on technology than ever before, and nowhere else is this dependency evident than in our obsession with our digital gadgets. While these gadgets do come with some positive effects, they do also have negative consequences, such as compromising our ability to naturally socialize and relate to people on an interpersonal level, and then you have social media and blogs that keep us up at night, disrupting our natural rhythms and wreaking havoc on our physical health.

That’s why we all need a digital detox every once in a while, and if you want to get a handle on your gadget addiction in daily life, then you’ll definitely benefit from our tips on how to detach from gadgets and reduce your dependency on them once and for all.

  • Create boundaries:

Research shows that the light emanating from most digital devices actually suppresses our ability to produce melatonin, which is the chemical responsible for governing the body’s natural clock. That’s why it’s so important to respect your bedroom as the sanctuary that it is and if you can’t completely eliminate the presence of gadgets in this space, at least limit their use when you’re about to sleep.

  • Find other past times:

Find other ways to spend your time aside from just being on your phone all the time. This includes finding a new hobby or making a commitment to spend more time with friends and family on weekends. This will help you to build solid relationships in the long-term and will be much more fulfilling than twiddling your thumbs and immersing yourself in the virtual reality of cyberspace.

  • Turn off Mobile Data:

Once you knock off from the office, make sure to deactivate the mobile internet data on your smartphone or tablet, so that you won’t be able to receive any social media alerts and emails that will tempt you into getting back on your smart device, when you should be spending time with your loved ones.

  • Try helpful app:

Yes, we know it sounds counterintuitive- use apps to reduce gadget addiction? Yep! Technology got you into this mess and now it’s helping you to get out of it. There are quite a few effective apps available on the Play Store that you can download to help reduce the amount of time that you spend on your smart phone. A few examples include AppDetox and Rescue Time.

  • Make some “me time”:

We all lead such busy lives with multiple commitments that are all vying for our attention that it’s important to just unplug and indulge in some self-care every now and then. This could mean switching off your phone completely on weekends just to bond with family, be in nature and just “be”.

  • Don’t take work home:

Once you exit the office, make it a point to completely switch yourself off from all work- related talk. Keep in mind that the precious few hours that you get a the end of the day should be spent with your loved ones and taking care of yourself so that you can recharge for the next day.

Besides, unless it’s an absolute emergency realize that most things can wait until the morning, and the world won’t come to an end just because you didn’t respond to a text or phone call.

Extra tips:

  • Use an actual alarm clock instead of setting an alarm on your phone. That way, you’ll have less temptation to check Facebook and Watsapp first thing in the morning, and will actually have some time to yourself when you wake up.
  • Get an actual watch to check the time on instead of always checking it on your phone, as that often leads to the rabbit hole of checking (and responding to) Watsapp, emails and social media.
  • Get outside more often. The more time you spend in nature, the less dependent you’ll be on gadgets because there’s so much to see and do in the natural environment that you simply won’t have time to do anything else. Of course, you might take a few camping gadgets with you, but at least they won’t be pinging with texts or social media messages that you “need” to answer.

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