Are you a medical Student ? Specilization doesn’t matter. If you are into medical field, doing medical practice then this post is for you.

I’ve personally observed large number of people from IT background are jumping towards blogging. I am not denying that medical students are not doing but the quantity is still less comparing to IT background students.

Blogging is open for all, everyone can do. It requires very basic knowledge of computer and internet that’s it, but if you do consistently you could do wonders.

Blogging has become crucially necessary for any successful digital marketing strategy. In the case of medical practices, it might be hard to have time to blog and create regular, original content. However, doing so would result to as extraordinary payoff.

In the medical field, a website offers numerous added benefits. You can share whatever you learn from your experiences. Ultimately you blog should help someone.

Below are 6 reasons why your website is important to your medical practice.

1. Connect and Build Relationships with Patients

Digital marketing is mostly about building relationships. A website gives you the power to communicate with your patients directly instead of just expecting that they’ll see your ad or hear from you. Relationships are especially important in the medical field as your patients need to feel confident and loyal in order for them to come back.

In case you’re not seeing your patients regularly, a blog would help keep them committed to you, even in between appointments. When creating content on your website, you’re doing so to help patients (those you’ve attended to and potential ones). You’ll build trust with your patients by offering them help even when you’re not available.

2. Credibility

Credibility is quite a priority in the medical field. Doctors ought to be credible to their patients and to other doctors as well. There isn’t really any better way of doing that than writing what you know.

Consider your website as your own medical journal. This is where you share your knowledge and experience. Your content might be spotted by medical publications, journals and academics, creating opportunities for interviews in future.

3. Trust

The foundation of any good relationship is trust. Your relationships are how you maintain and grow your practice as a doctor. Your top priority should be to build trust and help people. A website will do exactly that- help new, old and potential patients, from anywhere and anytime.

Health is among the most critical concerns to people. Most of them use the Internet to try finding out what’s going on with them even before seeing a doctor. You’ll gain trust by helping without asking for anything in return.

4. Social Media Marketing

Loading your website with helpful information will give you content that you can share on social media sites and link back to your site. People will follow you on social media as they have interest in you, the information you share and what you do. Maintain this interest by creating your own original, informative content.

5. SEO

Having a good site for your medical practice is essential. The same goes for making sure that people can find your site. Optimizing your site for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines is thus important.

Content marketing involves ascertaining that you content is all over the Internet with links from various people and websites. The more people and websites that share your website, the higher your practice will rank in search engines. In turn, this will help build new relationships while offering valuable help and advice.

6. Welcome New Patients

A considerable change has been noted in how people find medical practices today. Yes, word of mouth still exists. However, the majority are those who seek help through the Web first. Your potential patients are more likely to know about you if you’ve a good website. They want to know of your services and how you operate before even coming to see you. They want to hear reviews of your practice from other patients you’ve had. A good website conveniently provides for all that.

A website can be of great help to your medical practice and reputation in numerous ways. If you don’t have one yet, try starting a simple website and see the changes. A good website for your medical practice is essential as it offers many benefits in the long run.


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