We can all agree to the fact that gadgets are inseparable from the 21st century lifestyle. Right from your smartphone to the regular household items such as your refrigerator, your laptop, your smartwatch or even something as simple, yet important as an electric razor, gadgets make life easier and better for everyone. If you like new and interesting machines, this article is just for you. Check out our list of 6 gadgets that you need to get yourself right now:


  1. VR Headset

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of the VR (short for Virtual Reality) headset. The VR headset, which comes in different price ranges and sizes, lets you live your video or game experience, and you don’t even need an expensive gaming console for that. Just set in your smartphone, strap it around your head and be a part of the action on screen!

  1. Electric Razor

Ever been worried about cuts while shaving? We all have. That’s why you need an electric razor. The electric razor ensures you a bruise – free, even shave. Say goodbye to the old – fashioned way of shaving and hello to the electric razor, a must for every man’s dressing shelf. Check out more about the electric razor here: https://www.manlymatters.net/wahl-electric-razor/

  1. Thermostat

Waking up in the winters is the worst thing we could ask for. Seriously, who likes to leave the warmth of a cosy blanket and face the cold outside? Well, you may not be spared the trouble of getting up on a winter morning or facing the cold, but the thermostat can certainly make it a lot easier. It learns your movements and heats up your house for you before you return from work or wake up from a good night’s sleep. Feeling warm?

  1. Portable Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers generally use the Bluetooth to function and are super easy to use. They can be carried around, so this is the perfect thing to have with you on a holiday or a long drive, or even while camping. Most wireless speakers run on batteries and can play music non – stop for you for many hours at a stretch. These speakers can be controlled through your smartphone, which means you can play your curated playlists with ease.

  1. Wireless Router

Wifi has a new generation – and its wireless! Now, you need not have ugly wires all over to install your Wifi router. Many wireless routers can be modified to blend in with the colors of your room. Apart from being extremely aesthetic, wireless routers are portable and can be shifted from place to place according to your convenience. The next time you’re looking at routers, maybe you would like to go wireless.  Trust us when we tell you it’s worth your money.

  1. Power Bank/ Portable Charger

Running out of charge and need to take some important calls? Well, the portable charger or powerbank is the right thing for you. Just plug in your phone conveniently and let it charge your phone for you. It may save you the hassle of having to explain why your phone was switched off. Portable chargers come in various capacities and are priced accordingly, so choose the one that suits you best.


It is estimated that by 2030, 50% of our work will be done by machines. That seems to be the truth, because, as each day passes, people are depending more on technology for their survival. It makes our work simpler and reduces human error. Newer gadgets replace older ones with better functioning capabilities. This was our list of 6 gadgets that you should own. While no list can perfectly tell you exactly which gadgets you need, this is sure to help you choose your machines well. So, bookmark this and pull it out when you shop next time, so that the best of technology will be at your service.


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