Are you a businessman? If yes, remember the most crucial point that gets your message out to the audience. Is it the only and best way to go forward in a crowded market?

Maybe you are looking for something new, right? Moreover, you are fed up with other kinds of advertising. Try to utilize large format printing in Brisbane, which is known to be one of the best alternatives for promotion.

Sometimes large format printing offers various, yet unique challenges for designers. Are you looking to overcome those several issues? If yes, go through this piece of writing where you will find various handy tips for smoothing out the process.

I know it is unbelievably frustrating to spend hours and hours designing your work using Photoshop, only to send it to the printers and get back something extreme from what you had planned because these last-minute problems increase your stress level. They are hugely damaging to your productivity.

Therefore, you can follow these six tips for designing art for large format printing:

#1: Use Vector Resources As Much As You Can

Through ‘vector images’ and texts, you will able to balance the images up to any size. By doing so, you will get a smooth line and text instead of a low pixel resolution. This assists you in getting a Photoshop file when it should be scaled to big.

#2: Font Legibility:

Be sure to use large text sizes that are very easy to read because most large format pieces are designed in such a way so that they can view from a distance. Stay away from actual decorative fonts with details that will mix into your design and may fall apart when printing.

Keep this thing in mind that best large format printer is there to capture the attention of your customers.

#3: Using a Vector Program (Work on a smaller scale)

If you need to use RASTER(representing a rectangular grid of pixels, or points of color) images in your designs, then calculate the necessary working resolution based on the full sized model.

#4: Take a step back from your monitor

This step is critical to consider. Stand away from your monitor and see if your design still looks pleasing and works great when viewed from a distance. You need to change if it does not.

#5: Things to avoid in large format printing

Gradients are likely to band when printed. To manage the gradient, keep the colors close together on the wheel and stay with minimum shade.

#6: When needed Switch to Process Colors

If you do have some specific spot color for your company logo, then you can set them up as CMYK(the four inks such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and key used in some color printing) because sometimes specific files will come out better in this context. So, try to plan accordingly for better results.

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