Break-ins not only cost you property but also your peace of mind. In order to maintain your tranquility, you may invest in an insurance policy. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the mean annual national premium on homeowner’s insurance in the US is over $800 as of 2017. However, investing in security systems can lower your insurance up to 20%. Further, recorded videos using surveillance cameras can save you against false claims and lawsuits. Hence, if you don’t want a nightmare, it’s time to invest in home security systems. However, here is a list of 7 things you should be aware of before buying one.


  1. Asset protection devices

Installing devices that can alert you when your valuables are manhandled, is a primary step to boost your security. You can affix wireless protection devices to valuables, say a jewelry box that can send notifications when your asset is moved or disturbed from its place. Usually, these devices are equipped with Micro-Electromechanical Systems Accelerometer technology, which senses the motion in X, Y and Z coordinates.


  1. Installation Process

It would be wise on your part to get at least three price quotes from well-established companies for your home security. It is better to go with the companies that offer free installation and on-site service for some time. However, some companies may charge hefty fees for installation of traditional wired systems as they often require drilling and electrical connections which demands professional expertise. In that case, installing wireless security systems can help you save installation costs. Modern wireless systems can also be powered by solar cells.


  1. Burglar Alarm vs Home Security Systems

Very often people confuse home security systems with burglar alarms. However, if you ponder a bit, you would find that burglar alarms just notify you in case an intruder breaks-in and are often empowered with monitoring systems. They have sensors which detect intrusion. They are an essential part of the home security systems. However, the latter has a broad connotation and often includes smoke detectors, temperature monitoring, fire alarms and these days, home security systems are a part of the smart home systems.


  1. Panic Buttons

Panic button is useful not only in case of burglary or certain crimes but also in case of accidents and medical emergencies. Let’s take a case when one of your family members suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest. He can send an emergency signal to the local emergency center or local hospital by simply pressing a suitable button in his room.


  1. Monitoring

You should be chary while choosing your security service. The proximity of the monitoring location to your house is an important point to keep in mind. Farther locations lead to delay in relaying the suitable information to your nearby place of emergency. You may also find it worth to link your smartphone to panic buttons and other sensors in your home security system to monitor your home even if you are away.


  1. Power Usage

You should consider buying security systems that operate on low power and can be recharged time and again. Modern systems are designed to operate even when there is a loss of power. So, you should consider buying systems with long battery backup.


  1. Camera Specifications

If you are keen to install surveillance cameras, you need to be aware of camera specifications, its configuration and the fundamental difference between certain confusing terminologies, say live view and recorded view. For live view, you need to install camera connected to the central monitoring system via HTTPS encrypted protocols. On the other hand, a system with DVR allows you to watch the recordings later. Using wireless surveillance may limit the range of the transmitted signal and is not efficient for a large house.


Home security systems are not just about numpad locked doors or fingerprint sensed chambers. Continuous surveillance is still the backbone of home security systems. With a strong security system, you wouldn’t mind being audacious enough to put a signboard that reads, “Protected by System X”

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