IPhone is one of the most common mobiles bought, you can get a lot of applications and games from the app store but we here list you some great games that you must try, and these games are for the Apple device 4s and others.

The best part in playing games on an apple device is its color and performance to the game, the device also remains stable and does not get hot, all the apps are not free, but the paid apps are also worth buying. We have listed 8 best iphone games with great HD quality gameplay that will make you addicted.


  1. Asphalt 8 :airbone

Asphalt 8 is a very good iphone game which delivers high performance cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari and a very detailed graphics. You can race and hit the ramps and take other out. Perform barrel roll and 360 jumps which take the race to the air. It provides more than 300 events in career mode and 9 seasons. The asphalt 8 has a detailed damage system which will attract you to the game and the game is also free.



  1. Modern combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is also available for free from the play store. The game Modern combat gives an extreme graphic, with the strong hardware of the apple the game can be played easily and smoothly. You can customize your characters and gameplay, the controls are not easy to grasp but you will learn it in a while you will surely struggle in your quest to pwn every noob you encounter. Modern Combat 5 supports single player and multiple players which will keep you entertained for hours.


  1. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack joyride is an arcade game where you have to avoid hitting the objects and collect as much coins as possible. It is an addictive game and you have a tons of unlockable items. All that you have to do is tap click and let gravity bring you back down. It also features a slot machine game where ou pull a lever and you get bonuses. The game includes various weapons jetpacks and challenges.


  1. Plant vs zombies 2

Collect as much photosynthesis and play the game. Plant vs Zombies is a free to play game, you have to defend against the undead assailants. With the total of 87 different plants and many maps which needs to be unlocked. You have to keep exploring in lost city where you collect more golds and gems.the new update gives mor map and more plants to play, tis game has quite a good graphics and is smooth, so encounter with zombies and other assassinates in this game and enjoy.

  1. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a racing game developed by fire monkeys, published by EA. Game features include thirteen licensed tracks and twenty two car grid and 116 official cars such as Audi, Ferrari etc. Real Racing 3 is an award wining game which features a continuously expanding roster over those detailed cars. The game has a good graphics and a lot of maps to be downloaded and played.


  1. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Robot Unicorn attack is one of the most popular games for IOs. User controls the movement of a robotic unicorn in a manner similar to canabait, you can’t collide with crystals and other edges just jump and dash together while the unicorn is airborne, the player has three lives and the sum of the scores from each life count for the player’s final score.


  1. Smash hit

Smash your way through a futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path and experiencing the best destruction physics on IOs. The music effects are quite good and good graphics, you will surely spend a lot of time playing this game and it is free on the apple store.

  1. Temple run 2

Temple run is also a popular app which feature a lot of new traps and obstacles like zip-lines, sharp turns, mine tracks, waterfalls, and the game also features power-ups and players can save themselves from death by using green gems. New players are included like usain bolt, Bruce lee, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, all these characters can be unlocked with coins, Temple run is a great game that you can play all the time.

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