We all know how important social media marketing is to promote any business online. The very effective reason to use social media as your marketing strategy is because it brings in highly targeted audience and helps reach your business to the potential customers. Another reason to use social media is that it is cost effective. One can get enough traffic and promotion for their business in a more cost effective way when compared to other forms of marketing. Often using social media for business promotion is like a two way management and ignoring any of these cases would be the reason for the downfall of your business.

There are many successful tips to build your social campaign to promote your business online. But before that you’ve got to learn how to establish a successful social media marketing campaign, what to be done and what not to be done etc. The following are different strategies that help you run a successful social marketing campaign necessary for your business.


1# Make up your mind:

Develop a strategy in your mind and build a map by coming up with several different ideas analyzing from different viewpoints about your business. Generating a mind map is the easiest and the shortest way to focus on those ideas that impacts your business in a positive way. You can even do paper work to figure out what kind of problems do arise when implementing such ideas and sort out them before you actually try beginning the process.

#2 Marketing is never one sided:

Before actually generating any social media strategy it is quite necessary to define your business goals clearly. You planning for a short term goal? Or looking for the promotion of a certain product or service that builds your brand? It all depends on how much impact you want to create on the customers with your services. List building should be the top priority when trying to implement any social media strategy. You’ve got to focus on two great things – one is to build your brand or sell your product, other is to engage customers in your sales and find out whether your product or service is meeting their requirements. Remember marketing your business is never one way business. If you focus only on selling you never know what customer requires and you may end up in delivering just the opposite. So it is also important to know what your audiences want.

#3 Be consistent in your activities:

The more interesting and fresh content you share with your customers the more are the chances of they being attracted your channel of business. Always see to that whatever you post is informative, a well researched topic that is in verge with the current marketing trends. Posting on a regular basis makes customers think that you want to engage with them and that you are working in letting customers know what’s happening in online marketing world and how your business is helping to reach the next level of marketing. It also build credibility and authority in readers and trust in your clients and users making them turn to your followers or some potential customers that bring in some ROI.

#4 Focus on outsourcing your marketing efforts:

Managing time is the very important especially when you are willing to take your marketing efforts on a serious note. You many not time enough to market your brand while working on your business goals. The best option to go for in such cases is to outsource your business and all of your marketing to sites like Elance, Odesk etc. Better test them in advance to understand how effectively they perform in marketing your business. Else you can also go for a trusted network where you are sure that your efforts wouldn’t go in vain.

#5 Lower your expectations on viral content:

Sharing information someone has posted to different sites just to gain attention across the web can be termed as viral content. Already many companies and businesses do spend thousands and millions of dollars to create viral content. Creating viral content without actually knowing whether it could withstand the online marketing storm is a big risk. No doubt viral content can sometimes be a gold mine, in most cases this will be completely ignored by the targeting customers or any others who make use of such content.

#6 Seek attention with CTAs:

A call to action strategy on social media is an integral part which is often overlooked by many of the marketers. Call to actions are the surest way to take your sales to the next step and increase your conversion rates while engaging your business with customers and also other social media prospects. Independent of the platform your posts will receive attention with call to actions and see to that there is at most one CTA per post. You’ve got little time to grab the attention of the user who visits your page or post. To make them feel that you want them to more often and use your services defining clear and direct CTAs help them become the follower of your content. CTAs also reduce the risk of overwhelming the customers with too many choices.

#7 Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding is all about using a site designed to help you in raising the funds for your business and is an option worth considering. Letting customers know your journey and how your business progressed overcoming the risks is a good way to engage with the audience. You can also offer rewards to the contributors in the form of perks in exchange of a donation. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are some of the well known crowdfunding sites and it can be considered as the viral aspect to build your brand awareness.

#8 Leverage your content and be careful of what you post:

Leveraging your content with minimum efforts is an important factor in your campaign. Using blogs where you can publish your posts, other social networking sites where you can easily share your content and grab your user’s attention, or submitting to any other forums or directories is an easiest way to reach your posts to the end users. But before you run into new postings there are the chances of skipping, unediting, and proofreading of your articles or posts. Such kind of unfiltered content can be the major reason for the downfall of many of the valuable businesses or websites especially for those who want to establish a strong social media presence. This may create a bad impact on readers’ minds and they demean your content in most unusual ways. Hence it is quite important to proofread your articles and make necessary changes while editing and before publishing it.

There are many other options on how to be successful when developing a plan for any social media marketing campaign. However it is up to the marketers to choose what is suitable for them and if necessary they can also test various other methods without breaking their current brand recognition. If you find any of the above social media strategies to be a good fit for your business do let us know via comments.

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