Dealing with everyday tasks can be quite challenging and time consuming especially when we are lack of skills in certain area. It will take forever for us to learn step by step. Therefore, there are so many online tools that are created to help ease our tasks and shorten our time. Here are the 9 best essential online tools for every “hands-on” should be using and when we say its essential, it really is!

  • Ringtone Creator : You don’t have to become a composer or buy those expensive ringtones, all you have to do is use this online tool in order to keep your ringtone up to date. Head to this website and upload your favorite song or rhythm, straight away choose the length or parts that you are fond of and save the audio into your phone. Instantly use it as your ringtone. It’s easy and free. Any file formats from mp4, mp3 and many more can be used.


  • Cartoon Yourself  : Looking for an avatar that would reflect yourself but could not really find one? Do visit this website and start having fun with this online tools. From head to toe, you can customize your own avatar in a simple step which would not give you headache for sure!


  • Free Password Generator : Tighten up your social networks security and bid goodbye to the old lame password. Generate your password according to your preferences such as include the uppercase, symbols and many more. The combination would not disappoint you.


  • Tattoo Font Maker  : This online tool will help you generate more than 100 tattoo fonts after you key in the desired words or phrases. Then all you have to do is choose one and save it. You can redo it until you are satisfied. There is an option to customise your own tattoo font as well.


  • Pic Resizer : With the current trend where everyone would splurge to ensure they have the best photos online, people would do anything to get their photos edited the way the want it. This tools will help you resize your photos without charging a single cent.


  • Cool Letters  : This online tool will help you create the letters you need for various occasions such as logos, header and more! You can choose from the template or customise your own. Its free and can be used for unlimited times.


  • Free Photo Fix  : No need to pay more to use professional editor or expensive software, head to this website and upload your pictures! In few hours, you will get your photos edited by professional with 10 years experiences for free! No hidden charge. Simply upload the photos and wait for the pictures to be returned flawlessly.


  • The Avatar Maker  : Do you pay for an artist to create your avatar? Why do that when you can do your own avatar? This online tools provided more than 10 options of hairstyles, clothes and many more. Take some time off from heavy works, chill with this online tools.


  • We Convert PDF  : Once you get to know this online tool, you will keep coming for more. This is the solutions for all your headaches and struggles to convert PDF files to other formats. Here, you can con convert PDF to Word, Excel, JPEG and many more and vice versa! Please take note that it is free to use!

These online tools are essential for you and you will keep on coming for more!


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