Online shopping, bills payment, and money transfer are among the things people online. These online transactions have one thing common: money. Money nowadays can be used via online and there have been a lot of companies who built services for people, so they can transfer and receive money. Not only not, people can now pay for their purchases via online using secured online payment services.


Some of the biggest names for this money and payment service ares Paypal and Apple Pay. There has been a huge competition among these big names and for that, alternative services are needed to have a wide variety of options. I have listed few Paypal alternative payment services that would help you out for online shopping.

Below are some online money transfer service that is alternative to Paypal and Apple Pay:


It is another Paypal alternative that has a twist. Square will provide you a card reader that will work perfectly with your iPad, iPhone or Android Smartphone. It will allow you to make an online store, where customers will be able to make purchases. Square card reader supports American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. The company also accepted Apple Pay recently. During money transfer, Square charges 2.75 percent to the total amount. However, this money service is only available in US and Canada.


Amazon Payments

Coming from the giant online seller, Amazon Payments offers services that suit different users – customers, businesses and developers. Amazon simplified their online purchases section of the service through payment methods that users have added to their Amazon account. This method avoids re-entering the payment details of the consumers and the shipping address too. Amazon Webpay allows users to send and receive money. It widely accepts different payment methods.



This is a good alternative money transfer service for merchants and small businesses, a flexible way to accept customer’s’ payment. It is also recommended for bloggers and freelancers who are actively working via online. A lot of web-based professionals are using the service for its simplicity. It can also be integrated in a WordPress blog using the Selz WordPress plugin to install it. Compared to Paypal, it is a good way to sell products digitally. Users are allowed to transfer money to their banks or even Paypal. It supports 190 currencies; however, their service is not available in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Nigeria, basically not supported by Paypal.



It can also be integrated in a website. If a user has website and generates money from it, WePay can help in receiving money without the need of leaving the site. WePay creates a virtual terminal in order to process payment because it is an API-based technology. It supports international cards and available for U.S. customers who have SSN and billing address. Credit card payments and bank payments are being charged by WePay for about 2.9 percent + $0.30.



Formerly known as AlertPay, this service allows the users to send and receive money from 190+ countries across 21 currencies. Although the company’s service is mainly based in U.S. and Canada, they still support specific banks and credit/debit cards from their recognized countries. It lets the users add funds to their Payza account through bank transfer or credit card. Users can also send money to other users, and even request money through invoices. However, there is a small fee on each money transfer transactions and it is smaller compared to Paypal.



This is a great way to shop online. Users can register to Payoneer and they will have an access to a prepaid MasterCard which will be sent. Account registration is free but once the card is activated, users will be charged. Users can add funds to the card via local bank or other credit cards. The Payoneer account can be used in many countries and a wide variety of currencies. Maintaining the account and activated card require an annual fee.


Google Wallet

Formerly known as Google Checkout, it is a great way to transfer money and its online payment system has a global reach. It is recommended for personal and business payments. Sending money directly from the user’s bank account is free of charge. Using credit card for sending money has a 2.9 percent charge. It’s safe, simple and has rapid transfers to and from your bank account. It also has similar features to PayPal, such as credit card processing and the ability to send out invoices.

About Author : Candice Larson is technology and business enthusiast. She’s the resident blogger for SpeedyMoney Payday Loans

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