If yes, then no need to worry because their comes handful of SEO tools to maximize the potential of your website and rank better in Google search engine results.

Well, here comes the most and well know SEO friendly tool i.e the Semrush the best alternative for other SEO and keyword research tools.

With semrush you can simplify your work and the website gives you outstanding performances. This semrush tool helps to figure out the high earning keywords or the keywords which brings more traffic to your website.

Semrush is the perfect tool to build the greater websites which will be free from unwanted or junk data. It helps in increasing traffic and also the connections to the outer world. It also acts as the best keyword research tool where it focus on the mainly targeted keywords.

How does semrush tool helps in making your website SEO friendly.?

With the help of advanced features of the semrush tool one can build and manage their website functionality to a maximum extent. You can generate separate reports for each and every task performed on your website, you can get through the faults, difficulties so that you can concentrate in that area to maximize the output.

For example if you want to drive more organic traffic to your website, you can simply check the reports and then take decisions so as to improve the organic search traffic. You can also find your competitors targeted keywords with the semrush tool. You can benefit from your competitor and develop perfect content and advertising strategies.

Semrush tool as an SEO friendly tool:

  • Site Audit Analysis:

The semrush website SEO helps you to find and fix on site issues and boost SEO optimization. You can check the website health with the help of the SEO analysis tool.You can even prioritize the issues and decide what to fix first. You can also track the SEO optimization progress. You can ensure the website security with the HTTPS checks.

With the help of the site audit functionality you can optimize the internal and external links.add tags, correct broken images, links and also find out issues which block your SEO progress. You can also find duplicate content pages. You can check the issues related to crawlability, content images, links, accessibility and coding with the SEO analysis tools of semrush.

  • On Page SEO Checker

With the help of on page SEO checker you can bring out the best in your web pages. With this SEO checker you can analyse the Google ranking factors which affect your website performance.

  • Backlink Audit Tool:

With the help of the backlink Audit tool you can discover the toxic backlinks before the Google penalize you. You can find all your backlinks and discover the dangerous links, remove them. It keeps your backlinks clean with regular recrawls.

  • Content Analyzer:

With the content Analyzer one can easily measure your website SEO and performances. You can access your website content and also see the metrics and backlinks to your website etc. With this tool you can measure the content and publish externally.You can also compare the performances of different content pieces.

  • Position Tracking:

With position tracking you can get the information of the competition keywords. You can monitor your national, regional and local search engine positions for any keyword. You can track your keyword positions and also discover your competitors, group keywords with tags and also target different devices.

Moreover with the help of this semrush tool one can gain full control over the SEO and traffic to generate a handful of revenue. A good and perfect SEO strategy results in better revenue generation. To know more about eknowledgetree website.

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