How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

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Everyone knows just how important social media has become. We’re not only using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to communicate with our friends but we also rely on them to help us in business. However, there’s much more to it than create a couple of pages for your business and

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A Short Guide to Becoming a Business Great

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Business greats have one thing in common – they’re all well-organized people. Most of them use every single bit of time to do a new activity or make a new plan that will help them improve their business performance. Clever time management, working with knowledgeable professionals and self-discipline are only

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5 Types of Software to Help Small Businesses Grow

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Being a small business owner is a challenging job and it feels that it is getting harder and harder every day. The good news is that various type of software are becoming less and less expensive, allowing smaller companies to get the same kind of efficiency and productivity that was

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How to Strengthen a Brand at Startup Beginnings

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Founding a new business consists of dozens of details that affect the results that business yields. Moreover, running it successfully means that you’ve managed to convince people your brand is something different, inevitable for their everyday lives. This process is called branding and it plays a major role in spreading

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What Trends Will Dominate Digital Marketing in 2017

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The arrival of every New Year in the last few years was preceded by spectacular predictions and unrealistic expectations in the world of digital marketing. Now it seems that both digital prophets and tech professionals have taken a more moderate attitude towards the near future. In line with that, 2017

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Setting Your Business Finances Straight

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Many people believe that in order to deal with your business finances the right way, you need to have a team of professional accountants at your sides. They also consider accounting to be a dark art which only a selected few understand and are allowed to dabble in. Well, if

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WordPress VS. HTML – Which One to Choose for Your Small Business

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When starting a new business, there are many important choices you will have to make. One of these is choosing the right system for managing your website. The standard way of doing this is through HTML but more and more business owners today prefer using WordPress. If you are struggling

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Ecommerce Essentials – How to Compete with the Big Guys

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The ultimate goal of everyone who starts an ecommerce store of some kind is the same – become as big as Amazon and eBay. Unfortunately, such dreams are probably unattainable, but this does not mean you should give up on putting up a fight. There are smaller big guys that

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How Tech Changes the Way we Do Business

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Over the last thirty or forty years, the world of business has changed dramatically. It has changed so much that the people from fifty years ago would not recognize it. The basic mechanisms are still there, but the technology has become so present in business that those people would struggle,

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6 Financial Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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In order to fully understand the business world that surrounds them, beginner entrepreneurs need to learn long list of business and financial terms. In this article we explain some of the most confusing and useful terms entrepreneurs often need to cope with, when reading financial statements, signing contracts with business

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