Kayaking is a great way to enjoy nature in all its beauty and grandeur. It is not just exciting and fun, but it also gives you the opportunity to look at the places that you might not have been able to access by foot, more so if you spend more than a day on the river. However, kayaking is just like any other outdoor activity in the sense that the right equipment is a must for the sports to be enjoyable and safe. You would not want to be caught on the river without the necessary items for a multi-day trip.

Following Are Some Of The Things That Must Be With You For Your Kayaking Trip:

Dry box and bags

These watertight components are your best friends when you are traveling on the water. These have rubber seals that keep the water out. You can keep your things like cell phones and cameras in the small dry boxes. Use the bags for food and clothing in that way you will be able to easily manipulate those items to fit the boat.

Basic Hunting Gear

It would be helpful if you can keep some basic hunting gears like broadheads and bows ready with you. You can carry out a bit of game hunting on the sides if you wish to. Even if you are not into hunting, keeping these with you will be a good safety gear for you. You can learn more about good broadheads and bows by doing a bit of research.

Life Jacket

This is one of the legal requirements when you are going for kayaking. Life jackets are not just used to save your life in unforeseen situations, but it also gives you a way to cool off in the waters without the need to swim to stay afloat. Make sure to buy a life jacket that is a snug fit while being comfortable.

Water Filters

There is no dearth of usable water around when you are kayaking in freshwater. However, you will still need a way to make sure that the water is drinkable. Boiling is not really a feasible option when you are kayaking, and thus, water filtering is your way to go. You can use iodine tablets or other portable filtering devices to get pure drinking water.


You are going kayaking means you will be spending days on the water while being exposed to the Sun directly. So, sunscreen is one of the most important things for you to carry with you on your trip. Apply the cream or lotion at regular intervals to the exposed areas of the body. Do not forget to put sunscreen on the underside of your nostrils and chins as the reflection of sunlight from the water can cause severe sunburns in those areas.

These are all the important things that you need to tick off from your list when you are going for kayaking. Once these items are packed in your kit, forget all worries and concentrate on enjoying your time on the unforgettable trip.

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