An owner of a car may be of an old or a new one just after an accident, generally hits a search engine typing “how to sell my car”  “what is the worth of my car” etc. There is a possibility that you might have done something similar, before you came across this guide. There is a mammoth of information on the internet regarding the same. However, you neither have the time nor a necessity to go through all of them.

Furthermore, it is impossible for one to browse through this information clutter. Car buyers in India, moreover consider that the information contained in the top notch websites to be unsuitable for Indian conditions. This beginner’s guide is designed to help you, to get the true car value in India designed by experts to guide you all through the car selling process.

The value of anything is the ‘rendered desirable quality’ and same applies in the case of the cars too. Your cherished possession needs proper valuation indeed and by all means, it must be acceptable to you so much, so it is desired by the buyer. We try to put you and the buyer in a win-win situation. When it comes to smart selling, it is also desirable for you to be a smart with information too.

You may choose to get it sold through a website or may decide to sell by yourself. Of the myriad of possibilities for obtaining the right value like: using social networking websites, accessing dealership, participating in auctions or e-auctions, etc. as a buyer you must be smart, careful and intelligent. And, for this information is the key. Information is not only vital to find ‘just another buyer’ but is important to deliver true value to the buyer and yourself. In a nutshell in this entire process, information is the price, and the information is value.

Keep yourself updated with information about your car before you sell that.

The model, make, year, mileage are the basics one should always remember, and beyond these obvious, car’s  ownership paperwork, registration, and insurance details, service records should be kept in original and handy.  Do not leave off the optional features, those you may consider to be less important as you never know how important that is when the actual selling-buying process gears up.

For example, you never know that “keyless entry”, “leather covered seats” may become important at times so have the entire list ready with you. Mind it, don’t miss the details. Even changing the oil at regular intervals, matters to most buyers. This guide will help you further to expose avenues through which you can obtain such information.

Have realistic information about the true condition of your car

To most buyers statements like, ‘runs just as new, ‘talks to the wind’, ‘this is my second wife’, etc., appear superfluous and vague. The general tendency is so that, if one has a car, one is also vulnerable to overestimate the price and in the absence of factual and realistic information, you may be doing the same. So, let’s be pragmatic. Remember, the more you overestimate, the more difficult may be the chances sell it. We advise a pre-selling inspection by a mechanic or an auto garage, before selling.

Such an investment is worth it because it helps you realize the true value of your car and in a long run saves you from the frustrations of being unable to sell it off quickly. This guide explores through means and ways through which such credible information can be obtained.

Information helps you in deciding how to sell your car

Time, reason, and inclination; all these matter when taking a decision whether you will sell the car by yourself or take the help of a selling service. The ball remains in your court where you set your priorities. Trading agencies may offer you the convenience of carrying out the sales negotiations for you. But, if you do not like their price, with all these information in hand you can move on your own and fetch the best deal for yourself. This guide helps sellers of both categories; the ones who trust traders and the ones who have a salesperson within.

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