Have you ever thought that your social media account can help you to get a right job ?

Well you are in Digital Era where your acitivities can easily be traced. These activities could help to get a job based on your social media profile.

Many people have been using social media for job search, but others are still not too convinced.

In reality, we can boost the chance of obtaining a great job through social media.

Here are 7 benefits of using social media:

1. We can share our background:

During the hiring process, our resume often gets around. But, our LinkedIn profile will always be easily accessed by everyone. Before interviewing us, potential employers often check our social media presence.

We could encourage them to check our online profile by including LinkedIn URL in resume.

Company mostly prefered to those people whose linkedin Profile is 100% Complete.

2. We can demonstrate our expertise:

Status updates and posts allow us to show knowledge and expertise on specific subjects. We may also regularly share insights and relevant articles on specific subjects related to our industry.

When we attend conferences, we may post updates in social media accounts. If potential employers see that our social media presence revolves around relevant subjects, they will be able to see our commitment and passion.

3. We can show our personality:

Other than conveying our expertise, we should also be able to show our personality in social media. This way, we should be able to make social media as a part of our personal online brand.

We should keep avoiding posting unnecessary things.

4. We can learn about company culture:

When we are aiming to get hired in a company, we could check social media presence of the company. We could follow social media activities of employees that we know. We could obtain latest news about the company through their social media accounts by liking or by following.
5. We can identify hot topics and trends:

It should be useful to follow companies on social media platforms, because we will have the latest news about the industry.

We will be aware of specific patterns in the industry. If we want to get the job, we should be able to network with others and become truly engaged with the latest changes.

6. We can approach cold contacts:

If we have been hunting for jobs for a few months, we may already send our applications to dozens of companies. We can re-connect with cold contacts in Twitter and LinkedIn, if they are quite active in social media.

Social media approaches are also less intrusive than emails and sending another job application.

7. We can follow up early contacts:

We may meet company representations in association or conference events. Reconnecting through social media is a good way to build up relationship. We will know whether their companies are hiring new employees.

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