Using Credit Cards

Swiping card at shopping malls, cafeterias, ticket booking, transactions is a regular thing nowadays. Just think what will happen if you get a chance to use your credit card without paying any extra interest rate? What will be the benefits of doing that?

Yes, that’s our discussion today, we will see what are the Benefits of Using Credit Card with No Interest on it. The process of making India digital is ongoing and majority of citizens are in the favour of cashless transaction after demonetization.

You must be knowing the fact that whenever you shop from your credit card, you have the time boundation of 50 days in which you have to pay the credit card company the money which you have credited. If you cross that limit, you will be charged extra money which is known as the ‘Interest Rate’.


Benefits of Credit Cards With 0 Interest

So, when it comes to benefits, paying back the amount to credit card companies is one of the major benefit you can have. Apart from this, there are more benefits you can have if you use your Credit Card with 0 Interest.

In order to attract customers, credit card companies often announce various offers which includes zero interest through which a customer can purchase more items easily, transmit more amount. They also offer bonus offers which is a great benefit for the customers who want to use Credit Card with 0 Interest.

If you are paying the amount to credit card companies on time then its ok but if you are not able to do so then remember you will be charged interest, because if you have taken any offer which is allowing you to use your credit card with 0 interest has some time limit. If you are taking any offers of these kinds, then it is recommended that you must know all the terms and conditions before proceeding.

Companies Providing Credit Cards with 0 Interest

  1. Chase – You can use the credit card with 0 interest for 15 months. Best offer provided by Chase company. Customers are really happy with this offer.
  2. Citi – Lisiting on second position, Citi company allow their customers to use credit card with 0 interest for 21 months, which is quite a good offer which customer can enjoy.
  3.  Discover – Discover company offers 5 % cashback on credit card  transactions with 0% interest.
  4. Capital One – Offering the Platinum Prestige Card, Capital One has various offers available for customers to use their credit cards with 0 interest.
  5. U.S Bank – If you are using only 1 credit card then you can use the offer for 9 months but if you are using 2 cards then you can use the credit card with 0 interest for 12 months valid on each card.


Grab these offers and swipe your credit card anywhere anytime without paying any interest.Customers who are already using these kind of offers are very happy with the services the credit card companies providing to them. There are other benefits also which you will get to know once you intereact with the companies.


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