Here is the place where you can ascertain some new Cool Kids tablets which are beneficial for kids and also their parents can sit back and relax against the crises on their kid’s safety and security. Moreover in this modern day world, it is necessary to upgrade your child’s cognition. For which such cool kids tablet can help you the most.

Below are the specifications that you should spot to redeem a smart and cool kids tablets:-

  • The Pixel density/PPI number should be around 200-300 above this, your child may face difficulty in reading and may hold the tablet near eyes for more span.
  • The resolution of the tablet is also an important parameter, generally dense displays of WXGA: 1280*800 or WSVGA: 1024*600 is preferable for good quality display in tablets.
  • The abundant displays of 10 or more inches are having little less mobility although they provide more battery life and also it is easier to read screens.
  • IPS display is more superior then the TFT display, as it provides better viewing angle, additionally it consumes less power.


Some elegant and well featured tablets:-


Key Features:-

  • RRP:– 39.99USD
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • Fits into the pocket and also costs lesser to the pocket
  • Influential Amazon fire for kids content store

It contains IPS LCD capacitive touch screen display with 16M colours. It cannot be used to make calls as a telephone. The resolution of display screen is 1280*800 pixels with a pixel density of 252). It has non removable Li-ion battery which can withstand up to 8 hours.


Key Features:-

  • RRP:- 140USD
  • Friendly- Graphical User Interface
  • Elegant look
  • Educational LeapFrog apps

This supreme tablet has 7 inch capacitive touch screen display with a storage memory of 16GB . It contains 1.3GHZ quad core processor.. Resolution is of 1024*600pixels. It ensures 5 hours of battery life.


  1. IPAD MINI 4:-

Key Features:-

  • RRP:- 399 to 529 USD
  • Anti-glare coating on display
  • Efficient screen for reading
  • Over 1 million apps can be used

These fourth generation tablet contains 7.9 inch display screen with 326PPI. It has IPS LCD display with a 4:3 aspect ratio. It is consigned with ios 9 OS. With an additional 1GB of RAM. It contains battery backup upto 10 hours.


Key Features:-

  • RRP:- 299USD
  • Sleek design
  • Offers Graphical hunt and numerous gaming focused feature

This prime tablet ships with 1920*1200pixels resolution and having 8 inch size. It contain  2GB RAM. Both front and rear cameras are available. Processor is of2.2GHZ quadcore. No touchscreen facility available, non removable battery.

Conclusion :-

May be this won’t be a fair verdict as each and every gadget possess some unique characteristics. But when it comes to consultation nvidia shield k1 is best tablet for kids aging between 8-10 because it contains amazing display with cool stylish design which can be loved by your kids. If you aren’t familiar with android then ipad mini4 would probably the best tablet proliferating worldwide. And if you are looking for reasonable gadget then Amazon fire is an unparalleled tablet giving some good features at it’s low cost.

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