Choosing a memory foam mattress is a time consuming process. There are tens of brands and hundreds of mattresses in the market and each of them each with its own specification. So, what is the best memory foam mattress that fits your budget and comfort?

Firstly, you have to be clear in your mind about your choice. Whether you are looking for the best memory foam mattress or best cheap memory foam mattress?

The above question stands as primary and every other factor would follow it. In case you are looking for comfort, durability, lifespan and warranties, you will surely get all of these but not at giveaway price.

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However, if cost is something that is primary for you then you have to be prepared to sacrifice of few of these important factors. Nonetheless, there are still very good mattresses that can meet your requirement as well as your budget.

Density or precisely the thickness along with the material type and its quality is the factor that helps you decide on the comfort level you can expect from any mattress. Ignoring memory foam mattress foundation might lead to health ailments like back pain.

What you should also never forget is the portability of the mattress. Of course, you are not required to carry the mattress on your camping trips or while you travel. But portability is an important factor because a mattress that comes rolled is easy for you to move upon delivery and switch to any room or place of your choice even at a later date as well.

You also need to carefully choose between foam types. Whether Visco-elastic, gel-infused or plant based memory foams best suit you.

Another important factor is whether the foam type has heat and odor blocking feature. Yes, mattresses that can reflect heat and prevent odor build up on the surface are available the market. Ensure that your mattress comes embedded with such technology.

There are a few brands in the market that offer free trial period. Yes, you heard it right. In case you are not satisfied with the performance of the mattress you have chosen, then you get it replaced. However, the reason has to be genuine though.

Brands have been the in the market for many decades now and they have put in millions of hours in research and making of mattresses. So, don’t really expect them to go wrong with their manufacturing expertises, especially the well established and recognised brands.

And finally the best part of memory foam mattress is to check how quickly these beds can retain their shape when you get off it. Beds are made to conform with your body shape and their comfortable help you find best sleep by quickly adapting to your body movements. So, how quickly it gets its shapes also determines the quality sleep that can expect from sleeping on a particular mattress.

Of course, never ever miss out to know in and out of every detail that you ought to know before buying your mattress. Never go by looks and features, always gauge through reviews and analyze them before freezing on a particular mattress of your choice.

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