Building social network website can be good idea to make money online if you are good enough in online marketing. People loves to spend time on social network sites because they loves to connect with people, even sometimes talking with strangers.

If you are planning to start your own social network website then php would be the best option to opt for. With huge demand of Social Networking Script Developers have made lots of best php Social Networking Script to start your own social network. These social network website scripts are very much easy to use even you don’t know coding or programming you can handle it well. All you have to see the documentation of each social network website script.

While searching on google you might have seen a huge list of php social network script but the tough task is too choose best best php Social Networking Script. Getting a huge list of social network script means there is lot of demand in market that’s why developers are developing these kinds of social networking script.

Just think about facebook how simple it is ? Simple right indeed it is !! With the successfull story of facebook social network scripts came into existence 😀  You know people loved to copy each other. Lots of facebook clons have made for social Network website. People use two terms to search for best social network script. You know which are these two terms 1) Best Social Networking script 2) Best Facebook clone script 😀

When i thought to start my social network website i search a lot which php script to choose for social networking website but due to some personal reasons i couldn’t start.

But i have some great list of best php social networking website script that you don’t need to search a lot for the same.  Here are some great list of best best php Social Networking Script

SocialKit – Social Networking Platform

SocialKit - Social Networking Platform

The reason why i have listed socialkit script on top because this the one and only one best social networking script with all the functions that social network script should have. Even installation wouldn’t take much time all you have to import sql file and upload php files and rename the database name that’s it you are done. Code is the superb that makes socialkit more customizable.

Rather listing the features of SocialKit i would show you the demo of it

User – Demo 

Admin Demo: Admin Demo


Elitenetwork – Advanced Social Network Script

Elitenetwork - Advanced Social Network Script

This is also one of the best social network script designed with Bootstrap CSS 3.0 design almost like facebook and its using Elite CMS as its base. Installting Elitenetwork social network is script is easy built with auto install functionality let you install script in few minutes. Ofcouse it has admin panel that allows admin to moderate users, post , comments and all the activities done by users. Admin can view the latest 15 signups on the front page of dashboard.

Here is the demo of Elitenetwork social network script.


crea8social – PHP Social Networking Platform

crea8social - PHP Social Networking Platform v4.1

crea8SOCIAL is another social networking platform script that has the common features of facebook, twitter allows users to update status, share link profile design by user and invite other to join kind of features. Admin don’t need to have programming skills to update the system. Compatible with all devices.


phpDolphin – Social Network Platform

phpDolphin - Social Network Platform

Yet another most popular social networking platform to start your own social network community in just 5 minutes without any special knowledge. It also include the common features like the facebook has.  Higly customizable for developers and easy moderation from admin side. Light weighted social network script works on any hosting even on shared one having following requirements :

  • PHP 5.3 or Higher
  • MySQLi (extension)
  • GD Library (extension)


Friendly Social Network

Friendly Social Network

Friendly Social Network Script is specially made to create a network between friends even its name is Friendly Social Network. Build in multilanguage, seo frienly, responsive compatible with all devices. Multiple authentication signup with facebook,twitter,linkedin,googleplus. Even it include paypal integarion to accept premium subscription of the users. It also include source code for android studio to create your own social networking android application.


Sngine – Social Network Platform

Sngine - Social Network Platform

Sngine – Social Engine is the best social networking script to create your own social website or online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features. It’s easy to intgerate any thing like Games, Pages, Events you can see live examples here:


Followly – Social Networking Platform

Followly – Social Networking Platform

Followly is a simple, easy and intuitive Social Network Platform. A social network allowing users to interact with each other by live chatting, sending messages, comments, like, share posts, and so much more.

If you want to create a community of Followers, Followly social network application is best option for you.’


So above are the best social network script to build your own online social network platform. Still there are many social network platform available but these are the best one to use. I have personally used all these script and that is the only reason i am recommending you to choose from those.

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