Windows 10 brings user a new feature, a feature to change and have new Themes, so that you are not bored with the old and same themes available in the Computer. Windows operating system has very recently upgraded its version to Windows 10, and many people are having the Operating system as it is a free upgrade for a year, and it gives more features and User interface than Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1.

I have listed you with some of our teams handpicked Wallpapers and themes for windows 10, you will be given a link to download your liked Wallpapers and Themes.

Here are some window 7 launcher apk that you might be looking for.

If you are new to windows and don’t know how to install a theme for window 10 , then follow my steps to install windows 10 themes

I am you to visit how to seeks blogs for windows tutorials

First left click on your downloaded theme file, and Personalization windows will pop up with an option to change transition, wallpaper, sounds and many more.

The 20 Best Windows 10 themes listed below :


This theme is really a masterpiece, it has the hd pictures of the moon, the planets and the stars. And it will not disappoint you, because it is an awesome theme. It features all the outer space events and is free so, Download this theme for windows 10 theme from HERE!


the Graphic 20 Windows 10 theme

Perspective of Japan theme

See the traditional and unique wonders in your Windows 10 theme. You can have the streets of Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama and the landscapes of Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Nagona. The pictures of the theme is shown below and if you wish to download then Click here!

Perspective of Japan theme for windows 10


Beautiful Birds theme.

Get the beautiful swan’s flamingos and peacocks and also other exotic birds ever seen, Download this theme from here!

Beautiful Birds theme for windows 10


Color Splash

Fill your desktop with the color splash theme it has some vibrant set of HD wallpapers and which is the best choice for you. It will fill your desktop with its amazing colors. Download this theme from here!

Color Splash Windows 10 themes

Aurora Borealis

It has an excellent animation of the nature which is a great design, you can have a view of the beautiful aurora which are very rare to see, but are real. The picture of the theme is down here and if you wish to download this theme then Click here!

Aurora Borealis Windows 10 themes



Get all the amazing cars that are available with the wallpapers set. And with all the crazy cars which will amaze you. Download the theme from here!


Wheelocity Windows 10 theme

Image Credit –

Unity theme.

Not from the rest of the themes, you can change the look of your pc with this vibrant theme. Download the Windows 10 Theme from Here!

Unity theme for windows 10



You will have a number of HD wallpapers inside this theme which is full of greenery. These places are popular tourist spots and are a huge attraction for the tourists, so watch out to remember a place from the theme. If you wish to Download please Click here!

Footpath windows 10 theme




The theme with more detail color and cool to feels clean with this theme on your Windows 10 desktop, Download the theme from the link here!

Vanilla theme for windows 10



LA Animals.


Get the creative and cute animals on your Windows 10 Desktop, and create a pleasant aura over your desktop with these cute little animals. Download the theme from here!





Ubuntu for Windows 10


Give your windows 10 a touch of Ubuntu, it is the perfect theme for Ubuntu users and are aware of the Ubuntu OS. Those who are not aware do install it and be aware of using Ubuntu. You can download the Windows 10 Theme from here!

Ubuntu for Windows 10

Beauty of Britain.

If you love Britain then this theme is really for you, it will show you the most popular places and buildings of Britain with the scenes in them. Download the theme from here!

Beauty of Britain windows 10 themes



A beautiful and yet a Simple theme available for Windows 10, it is simple all it has is a black shade on the box but it looks beautiful and a little different from other themes. Download this Theme from here!

Licorice theme

Megamind theme.


This theme contains all the characters from the film mega mind the animated movie which was popular since 2010. This is a superhero that has a mind of his own. Download the theme by clicking here!


 Megamind theme for windows 10



Here you have the worlds one of the fastest bike on our Windows Desktop. For those who have Ducati as their dream bikes are at the right place and do download this theme from here!

Ducati theme for window 10


Get the hottest car as your theme and wallpaper. This theme also includes red, yellow and black colored Ferrari. It will surely bring some serious swagger to your computer. If you wish to download this windows 10 theme then Click here!.

Ferrari theme for windows 10

Nome for Windows 10.

If you remember the Windows XP silver theme and if you missed it, then the silver theme is back but is more clean and simple so download the lost silver theme for your Windows 10 desktop from here!

Nome for Windows 10

Blue Lagoons

Get the beauty of nature from all over the world, and make it the wallpaper of your Windows 10. Download this windows 10 themes from here!

Blue Lagoons for windows 10


Cherry Blossom of Japan.


You will have a collection of the most beautiful scenery of japan, this theme features. Get the glorious photos of flowering japan by downloading this theme from here!

Cherry Blossom of Japan.


Get the natures reflection at its peak for your Windows 10. It has vibrant and colorful images of all times. Download this windows 10 theme from here! and give a cool look to your windows 10 desktop or laptop.

Reflections nature theme for windows 10

Image Credit –



Now you have great list of windows 10 themes that you can install on your windows 10 desktop and laptops. Free free to contact us if you face any query installing windows 10 themes

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