We have searched the length and breadth of online realm, gone through countless reviews from reputed petrolheads to bring you the absolute best and worst cars of 2017. we have covered three categories; compact, mid-sized and full-size cars. So, without further ado let’s begin.

Best Sub-compact car

Honda Fit

The new Honda Fit surpasses its rivals in almost all categories, plus the hybrid version is one of the best, most fun to drive hybrids in the current landscape. Packed with modern day goodies like multimedia steering, button less center console and option for heated leather seats and sunroof, the only thing going against Fit is a loud cabin. If you can work around that then its peppy engine will give you loads of fun and mileage. The Fit Hybrid is only second to Toyota’s Prius in terms of fuel efficiency and packs a punchier, more responsive drive.

Worst sub-compact car

Mitsubishi Mirage

Though touted as the most fuel-efficient gasoline powered car with 37 mpg EPA rating, sadly it’s the only favourable thing for the Japanese sub-compact. With an underpowered 1.2L engine mated to a lagging transmission and an interior made of cheap plastic, the 2017 Mirage is only suited for college going kids, if they can stomach its looks, as the 10-year powertrain warranty on Limited trim will ensure peace of mind for parents.

Best Mid-sized Sedan

Subaru Legacy

Though Legacy is a normal mid-sized sedan, but it outperforms some luxury cars. Easily competing with big guns like Camry and Accord, and beating them in most cases, the 2017 Legacy claims the title thanks to its all-round performance. Thanks to the two engine options of 2.5L 4-cylinder and 3.6 liter six-cylinder, a spacious and relaxing cabin, best in class handling and a rather impressive & ergonomically laid out infotainment system, the new Legacy wins our vote in each segment.

Worst Mid-sized Sedan

Chrysler 200

Nearly everything that can go wrong with a car, is wrong with the 2017 Chrysler 200. Competing with the likes of Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion and Mazda 6, the Chrysler 200 never had any chance of making a mark let alone publishing any significant sale numbers. With unimpressive handling, rattled ride, uncooperative transmission and underpowered four-cylinder engine coupled with crippling inner space make 200 one of all-time-worse releases from Chrysler. In addition, things can go wrong at any time, which would require you to order only genuine parts, which are only available on sites like www.sparepartsstore24.co.uk.


Best Full-size Sedan

Tesla Model S

Beating automakers at their own game, the Tesla Model S came and conquered the segment, thanks to its impressive 294 miles range (with 90-kWh battery), exceptional super car rivalling acceleration and roomy interior. Plus, it is one of the first to implement autonomous driving, thus bringing more comfort and convenience for its customers. The only down side is the high cost of repairs, as parts and expertise, both are confined to Tesla dealerships for now.

Worst Full-size Sedan

Ford Taurus

The big and chunky Taurus won’t win many fans in handling and performance, though its 240hp 2.0 liter engine is one of the best in the segment. Sadly though, this masterpiece of engine is put in a ghost of a car, that is heavy and bulky on the outside and doesn’t translate that size into interior roominess. A bane steering and poor braking don’t help its cause either for scoring favorable points for safety-first oriented modern-day consumers. Our verdict is, keep looking.


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