Not seeking favors from people around you for taking your snaps

One of the most usual favors that you need to seek while traveling in a group is to ask strangers to click a group photo for you. It means that you won’t have more than one group photo when on an outing with friends and family, as you are not likely to make another request to someone else for an additional group photo. The MyPole automated Selfie sticks allow you to take as many group photos as you want, whenever you like, without requesting for help.

Every member of your group gets included in a group photo

While taking a group photograph, one member of your group needs to work as a cameraman, and thus can’t be included in that group photo. Well, you may take turns to do the job of cameraman, but the fact remains that you won’t have a photo of the entire group.

The available option is to use the MyPole automated selfie stick with you, and you’ll agree that this is quite convenient when using it.

selfie 2

You don’t require a tripod

You may argue that a tripod (small device with 3 legs to hold a camera firmly in its place) can be employed for taking photos of a group, so why prefer using selfie sticks for the purpose?

The most troublesome feature of a tripod is that somebody has to tow it along all the time. That spoils all the fun of being in a group. Moreover, the cost of a tripod is significantly more, compared to that of the MyPro automated selfie stick. Then, it is quite tedious and time-consuming to adjust the angle while shooting with a camera. A selfie stick offers far more flexibility.

These features make the gadget a better option compared to tripods when out on a vacation with a group of people.

group of people

More stability

Did you know that one important reason that results to getting blurry photos is the shaky movement of your hand at the time of taking the selfie? Well, this is quite normal.

When using the MyPole automated selfie stick to hold your smartphone, you’ll find that the quality of photos suddenly improves. The reason is the fact that this selfie sticks help minimizing the shaking or movement of your hand.

Your smartphone won’t slip away from you hand so often

Surely, you would have known or heard of someone whose smartphone slipped off their hands while taking a selfie! Well, that is the worst thing that could happen while having an enjoyable time with your friends or family. The chances of your smartphone slipping off your hand are almost eliminated completely, as it gets clamped on the MyPole automated selfie stick that holds it firmly.


The selfie stick auto-extend and auto-retract

When using the MyPole selfie stick, the selfie sticks automatically extend and retract to any desired length making selfie taking much more suitable and easier.

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