Are you guys looking for best rated microphones with some fantastic features ? The first thing to do while buying a microphone to find it that what purpose it should feed.  Below you can find out different microphones serving different purposes.

Commonly there are 3 types of microphones which are condenser, dynamic and collar/wireless microphone. The condenser microphones are generally used for studio recordings as it has very high sensitivity. The use of dynamic microphones can be generally found public address system for concert halls and events. And for the hands free operations in television, theatre, and public speaking applications you can practice collar/wireless microphone.

As per your purpose below you can find some microphones which have best features at street price:-

Condenser Microphone:

M-Audio Nova Condenser Microphone

This particular microphone is gathering the attraction over the world of project studio condenser microphones.

  • RRP=99$ approximately

It makes a splash with this price class as it is much economical and for everything you need to get started making quality recordings in your home studio.

  • On unboxing it, you can find,

The streaming mic , a zippered soft case, a custom hard mount, a user guide and even an XLR microphone cable.

  • Sound Quality

The Nova may pleasantly surprise you with the amount of headroom and proximity variance it gives. Most of the condenser microphones in this price range don’t have much headroom and sound very ‘compressed’, even with no processing.

Dynamic Microphone:

SHURE SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone

What can make you please to buy this microphone?

  • RRP=118$ approximately

This microphone is getting ideal for sound reinforcement and recording applications with such a street price.

  • Frequency Response

It has frequency response ranging from 40 to 15,000 HZ.

  • On unboxing it, you can find,

The microphone, swivel stand adapter, a storage bag and a user guide.

One of the main reasons to buy this microphone is that it’s the most popular choice for a professional musician who needs to mic up their amplified or acoustic instrument such as a guitar amp or bass amp, saxophone, trumpet or drums. It is used on stages and in studios all over the world.

Collar/wireless Microphone

Sennheiser EW 165 G3 wireless microphone 745$ approximately

This microphone acquires a condenser microphone capsule, which enables a wider range of frequency response than conventional dynamic microphones.

Feature Analysis:-

  • Frequency Response

Microphone frequency response: 80Hz-18 kHz

Range: Not Specified

  • One XLR output and one 1/4″ TRS Mixed output
  • Battery Life,

Transmitter Battery: 2 x AA (Up to 8 Hours) or Sennheiser BA 2015 Accupack

  • IR sync function with Up to 8 Systems running per channel

Closing comments:-

You must have got an experience for most of the time that, you will be reimbursed with what you pay for. The cheaper systems lean  to have lower featured microphone capsules, while the more expensive microphones lean to have microphones which are more esteemed in sound reinforcement circles.



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