When business owners start their small business, they often employ spartan practices to ensure they can maximize the investments made to their organization. This often means small businesses employ stand-alone systems and manual processes. But as an organization grows, business owners may notice that such spartan practices limit the growth and success of their company.


They’re overdue for a more efficient and permanent solution to managing their day-to-day business activities.


ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is crucial for companies looking to bring their business processes together for cohesive collaboration and improvements in overall productivity. ERP creates faster decision making for your company, increasing the speed in which your organization conducts business. ERP provides data-driven solutions to standardize business processes, improving business performance.


The business values ERP software brings to small businesses are hard to ignore. But what exactly can an ERP system do for your business? Let’s take a look at some key benefits below.


Decrease management and operational costs


As a business management solution, ERP software is designed to improve business productivity and efficiency across all operations. This will reduce overall operational costs while increasing profitability. Its ability to unify entire operations, from CRM to inventory management, within a single application will reduce excess expenditure while driving increased sales and growth.


ERP software can:

  • Optimize stock inventory
  • Improve the sales process
  • Manage warehouses more effectively.

The increase in operational efficiency eliminates waste, streamlines communication, and optimizes workflows. ERP software is an investment that brings profitable returns back into your business.


Maintain consistent infrastructure


As an all-inclusive business management system, ERP software brings your business processes together. This means ERP software can manage all of the below within one infrastructure:

  • Inventory
  • Sales and marketing
  • Purchasing
  • eCommerce
  • Financials


Being able to manage all business processes empowers your operation to be more efficient.


Not only will this help your business grow, all business activities, from the back office to the front office, will have the same look and feel. A consistent infrastructure under one database enables your company to have easy and secure access, providing cross-platform visibility. This increases efficiency, reduces cost, and empowers growth.

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Improve business insight


The ability to consolidate information across all business channels, provides real-time visibility into business performance, improving business insight. Information gleaned from operational, sales, and financial in real-time equips your business with the ability to anticipate trends allowing your company to make informed decisions.


Being able to maintain operational visibility across multiple departments and site locations, frees up your company’s workforce to focus on more productive tasks. ERP software eliminates redundant processes and tasks through automation. This enhances decision-making processes, uncovering new profit centers.


Streamline data flow


The ability to understand key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time is essential to driving sustained growth in any business.


ERP software assists in enabling such streamlined data flow. ERP systems can consolidate operational data collection into one database, creating avenues within the business to analyze, gain insight, and make productive decisions out of such information. A capability to streamline data flow increases efficiency allowing your company to improve its competitive edge.


ERP software eliminates the need for manual processes, diminishing opportunities for human error or falsified data reporting. By gaining real-time visibility on business performance, your business can make agile, timely decisions. Instant accessibility to KPIs and real-time data unlocks new growth potential within the business.


This empowers data-driven scalability across the entire organization.


Increase productivity


With ERP software, your business is able to streamline and automate all business operation processes, empowering best practice solutions.


Improving all touch points throughout your organization reduces process bottlenecks and inefficiencies, increasing productivity which helps employees work smarter and more efficiently.


Employees productivity benefits provided through an ERP software include:

  • Reduction of busy work
  • Improved communication
  • Enhancing employee workflows


Implementing an ERP system means your business can better collaborate with its internal departments. And when internal collaboration is facilitated, and workers are equipped with access to internal data flows, they are better able to see “big picture ideas.” This encourages agile decision making and the ability to quickly respond to changes, improving overall productivity through all departments.


If your company wants to facilitate greater productivity and streamline businesses processes, then consider the uses and benefits of ERP software. Implementing an ERP system is critical to the growth of any small business. Using ERP software enables your business to leverage real-time data, increasing profits and overall productivity.



Stephen Canning is the CEO of JCurve Solutions. By being passionate about how businesses can leverage technology to realise their competitive advantage, Stephen has had great success in driving business growth through clever technology as well as building successful, high performing teams by focusing on culture.

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