How to Apply for PMEGP Loan – Complete Guide

by Last Updated : February 18, 2021One Comment

PMEGP stands for Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme. It is a credit linked subsidy programme that is managed by the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise under the government of India. The complete scheme is implemented by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), KVIB and district industries centre

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Link Building Through Blogging or Guest Posting

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While a big part of your link building strategy should definitely include’s some competitor research and digging into the link profiles of successful websites in your niche, there are many other avenues that have been tested and tried by SEOs around the world, and that we think would help you

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Android Studio : Spinner Example Onclick Change Image

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Trying to explore Spinner example on android studio ? Here is the simple example to play with Spinner Control. In this example i am going implement spinnercontrol with imageView. Image will change after choosing items from spinner(DropDown). Here are some Properties of Spinner that you can play around : XML attributes

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Android Studio Login System : Validate Username Password

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Hi Folks ! Scratching your head developing a android login module without sql lite database ? Here is exact tutorial to create login system where you can validate username and password. No database nothing. You need to specify username and password in your java file. If you are in GTU

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