15 easy-to-use social media analytics tools tailored for WordPress users

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Although WordPress is a self-empowered platform for running complex websites, leveraging the benefits associated with social media integration has always proved as a huge plus point. You can also integrate social media analytics tools there. Popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. are here to stay for many

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How To Craft Content for Niche Blogs

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Let’s take a minute and put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. If you were going to spend your hard earned money to pay a freelance writer, would you prefer to hire a writer who was an expert on the subject, or would you want to hire someone who didn’t

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How to Write Good Posts So That Readers Trust You As an Expert

by Last Updated : August 23, 20152 Comments

Here‘s a guide on how to write good posts so that your readers will like and trust you as an expert. It‘s no good generating traffic to your blog if the content bores your readers to death. When writing a post, you‘re writing for two parties:  your readers and the

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