What Makes Vivint Home Automation Standout from the Rest?

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Vivint home automation is the leader in the home security industry. The company offers the state-of-the-art products with features like an automated door lock, a smart thermostat, and a video doorbell. At present, Vivint home security is serving over half a million clients. If you are in search for the

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Let’s Know Something About Computer Repairs

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As we humans have some health issues. So, for maintaining health or to fight against any disease we consult a doctor and take a treatment. There is a same problem with our computers or laptops or any android or ios devices.  So, for better working of device and for better

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What Is HTTPS And Reasons Why We Should Use This Secure Method?

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you visit a website, it starts with HTTP, but sometimes it begins with HTTPS. Why we have this difference? Basically, HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the foundation of World Wide Web (WWW). It’s the set of rules for transferring text, image, sound,

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Important Keys to Create Effective Mobile Security Strategy

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Introduction to Mobile security system: It is high time to design a security strategy in mobile systems in order to safe guard the confidential data. In the current scenario the data saved in the mobile devices were at higher risks of being hacked. There is a necessity to think about

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Ransomware A Undefinable Virus?

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Have you ever heard the name ransomeware ? no ? Let me give you breif idea about it. What ransomeware is ? and how to get rid of it. What is Ransomware Ransomware is a malware that encrypts your file and blocks access to those files that is already owned

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Save Your Account From Hackers : Major Tips

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Security is necessary in today’s technology world because apart from technology lovers there also those kind of people in the world who love to hack these things. So you must Save Your Account From Hackers . As in today’s date every human being is dependent on the internet, it is

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Different Easiest ways to access blocked websites

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Now a days, we get to see a number of websites being blocked because of various reasons. Some of the reasons behind these sites being blocked are: violation of laws in different countries, tradition and culture. Other reason that may lead to blocking a website are Admin of a computer

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List of Free VPN Service Providers 2015

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VPN let you browse anonymously and keep you away from public area hiding IP, and geographical location and provides you secure area to work. Sometimes you are someone else wifi and there’s are change to track your surfing activity which website you have surfed,location and many things, by using VPN you

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5 Ways to Avoid Being Scammed on eBay

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So you’ve managed to sell your once beloved product on eBay and you’re preparing to send a parcel to Australia in the hope that it’ll be cared for with just as much love and commitment. This might not seem like much of a problem at all, but in the event

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