Top 10 WordPress Erros and how to fix them!

by Last Updated : February 20, 2018One Comment

Creating a blog or website is really easy using WordPress, but sometimes you have to go through various errors and you must know how to fix them. Today I am going to tell you about the Top 10 WordPress errors and how to fix them. Top 10 WordPress Errors and

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WordPress Errors & Solutions Encountered By a Developer

by Last Updated : December 21, 2017No Comments

WordPress is indeed everywhere! Everyone loves the platform, but there are times when it makes us drive crazy. Especially during the times when you face a dreaded white screen of death, an unknown broken PHP error coming from a plugin or server issues causing the site to crash, that’s no

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Why is WordPress the most-used open source CMS worldwide?

by Last Updated : April 10, 2017No Comments

  Your brand or personal business needs a great advertise strategy to attract customers on the Internet. All societies need this online presence through customized built web pages. WordPress is the most popular website with the most innovative content management systems.   With WordPress, you have the combined straightforwardness and

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WordPress VS. HTML – Which One to Choose for Your Small Business

by Last Updated : October 24, 2016No Comments

When starting a new business, there are many important choices you will have to make. One of these is choosing the right system for managing your website. The standard way of doing this is through HTML but more and more business owners today prefer using WordPress. If you are struggling

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15 easy-to-use social media analytics tools tailored for WordPress users

by Last Updated : September 13, 2015No Comments

Although WordPress is a self-empowered platform for running complex websites, leveraging the benefits associated with social media integration has always proved as a huge plus point. You can also integrate social media analytics tools there. Popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. are here to stay for many

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6 Best WordPress Theme For Travel and Tour Business

by Last Updated : August 20, 2015No Comments

If you have your travel business or you want to build your website for any travel agency then this post is for you. With the travel wordpress theme you can kick stat your business website with just one click. Just you need to have basic knowledge of wordpress that you can

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How To Fix Hacked WordPress Website Or Blog Easily

by Last Updated : March 13, 20152 Comments

WordPress is the most popular content management system used by top tier universities and huge corporations such as Ford. However popularity comes with a price. Because of being the most popular CMS software in the world, WordPress is targeted by top hackers. These hackers want to make a profit by

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Best Wallpaper WordPress Theme 2015

by Last Updated : January 26, 201512 Comments

The most confusing task to choose wordpress themes when you building any wordpress website by your own. Choosing a best theme that attract visitors would one of the most important task before starting any wordpress site. Today i will help you to choose right theme for your wallpaper wordpress site.

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