Tired of paying expensive mobile bills due to excessive data usages? Many users are actually not too sure with how their monthly data allowance could steadily run out. You might be wondering where your data goes even not using enough data packs. There are reasons why we tend to excessively use mobile data usages:

I have listed 5 cause of excessive mobile data usage. You can save your mobile data usage by switching off all the points that i have mentioned below.

#1.Unnecessary push notifications:

Push notifications may lead to much higher data usage, especially when we prefer to use messaging services, social network clients and other similar interactive apps. These apps may also push multiple promotional contents that we don’t really need. iPhone and newer Android devices offer the ability to disable push notifications to avoid high data usage. Unless we are expecting time-sensitive, critical messages, we should also set our email account to fetch mode only. Once you connected to wifi or when you are not concern about saving mobile data you can switch your push notification on from off mode.

#2. No data tracking:

Although newer iOS and Android versions come with data tracking feature, many users are reluctant to use it. In reality, we will be able to identify apps and service that eat up much of the data. It is also possible to disable any background data transfer that are consuming high mobile data usage.

#3. WhatsApp auto downloads:

WhatsApp often push multiple image, video and audio content for us to see. However, receiving this content could incur a good deal of data costs. Alternatively, we could disable the auto-download feature, so we could significantly reduce data usages. Ideally, audio and video auto-downloads should be enabled when our devices are connected to Wi-Fi. This whatsapp auto-download cause Excessive Mobile Data Usages to avoid you will have to put your whatsapp autodownload off.

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#4. Streaming listening and viewing:

Many of us watch videos and stream music on the go. Unfortunately, some areas don’t offer good bandwidth and data usages can be expensive. This will make it longer for us to run a video and there are better ways to watch digital content. It is a good idea to sync our songs only when we are connected to Wi-Fi. There are also ways to download online videos on our PC, so we can run them on our mobile devices. It is advisable to listen songs or music when you are connected to Wi-fi

#5. No data compression:

It is a good idea to use data compression on our mobile browser. As an example, we could enable the “Reduce data usages” settings in Google Chrome to make the size of webpages smaller. Opera also includes free data saving feature and management apps that help us compress media, images and videos. Some compression services allow us to open graphical statistics to know whether we really get real data saving.


Once you notice all these reasons that are consuming excessive mobile data usages and start preventing them to avoid excessive mobile data usage you could saved much in your data pack bills.

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