When deciding on the best web hosting company for your online store, there are some must-have qualities your hosting service provider must offer. These not only affect the sustainability of your ecommerce business but also determine your interactions with your potential customers and in effect your bottom line.

Such factors include site loading speeds and downtime as well as pricing plans. Therefore, when looking for your site’s hosting service provider, it is important that you look beyond the current hype associated with numerous hosting providers and concentrate on the quality of their services.

Here are seven critical features that any befitting VPS hosting service provider must fulfill.


Other than a poorly designed e-commerce store, nothing else turns off potential customers faster than slow loading websites. According to recent research dubbed ‘How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line,’ 47 percent of your site visitors expect any given page to load within seconds.

The study also revealed that 40 percent of your visitors would eventually abandon the site if it takes long to load. It is, therefore, important that you only host your site with a service provider that has a proven history of consistent and speedy load times.


VPS vs shared hosting, which should you consider when making long term decisions about your online store’s hosting plans? While the effectiveness of either is a significant and continuing debate, the answer lies on the reliability of your hosting service provider concerning such factors as downtime or uptime and privacy.

Ideally, the VPS vs shared hosting decision should be informed by the number of transaction you expect your web store to clock in the long run as well as the sensitivity of your service offering. However, regardless of either of either, only settle for a highly reliable hosting company.

Technical support

Changing hosting providers for your web store often results in some irreparable inconveniences for both for your site administrator and customers. Plus you not only have to deal with an entirely new crop of support personnel but also have to relearn the hosting company’s products and features.

But why do e-commerce store owners change them anyway? Due to lack of timely customer support of technical help in matters relating to the sustainability of the online store. Therefore, before subscribing to a hosting provider’s plan, vet the level of technical support they usually advance their clients. Most importantly, consider hosting with a company that offers a 24/7 direct line access to support staff.

Features and technology

The level of technological development a web hosting company adopts directly affects your store’s performance. Whether you are consulting for shared or VPS hosting, a technologically abreast company won’t shy away from showcasing the type of servers and hardware they use as well as their effectiveness to their potential customers. Therefore, your preferred hosting company should not only prove that they use updated technology but also keep up with technological changes.

Disk space

The amount of data on your online store depends on the amount of content you publish as well as the number and quality of the images you post. Given that these form the first interaction points between your site and potential customer, it is important that you never compromise on either. It is, therefore, imperative that you only subscribe to a hosting service provider that offers as much disk space as possible. They should also provide room for expansion at an affordable rate.

Subscription charges and plans

When it comes to negotiating for hosting fees, it is the general rule of the thumb that your pay should commensurate with the level of service you get. There stands no exception when it comes to VPS or shared site hosting.

Note that the less you pay, the inferior the level of service you should expect and vice versa. Importantly, avoid hosting companies that lure you in with lowly-priced yet attractive plans only introduce new fees with every additional feature your site needs. Therefore, it is only wise that you carefully vet your preferred company from its reviews.


When shopping for the most appropriate hosting service provider for your business, have your online store’s long term interest at heart. For instance, as your company grows and expands operations, so will its number of transactions that in effect calls for more bandwidth and space.

Therefore, it is essential that you only go for a hosting service provider that offers unlimited bandwidth regardless of your current website processing demands. Otherwise, you either have to brace for delayed web processing services or pay for more space and bandwidth capabilities.

Bottom line

It isn’t possible to point to a particular web host company that offers all these services excellently. Nonetheless, the industry isn’t short of good companies that you can settle for without compromising on what you consider most important for your site. Therefore, when conducting a background check on potential hosting companies, pick on one that effectively combines these features to not only offer reliable but also speedy services.

About the Author: Riya is a writer with years of experience in marketing communications. She enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to get inspired for her own book. Follow her on Twitter.

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