Review websites has been under the spot light not for long. But still the glam they possess is too massive than the other websites. A new trend has arised among us to write reviews about a product or services that we have used or experienced. The amusing fact is that this has helped a large amount of companies to be at their maximum efficiency. Companies nowadays ask customers for reviews or feedbacks. This has helped the companies to analyse their product and services and improve according to the data. By the introduction of these websites companies can now validate their services and product and decide what the trend of the market is and act according to that. Now company has an option to correct its mistakes or faults that have happened during the business and keep the relation with the customers more powerful.

Not only companies but also us, the consumers has also gained a lot by the introduction of review websites. With their introduction a direct gate way has opened to us to communicate with the company directly. We can directly ask our queries and questions directly and give us our view about the company to public. It has been proved the more than 70% of the online buyers have trust in online reviews posted by complete strangers. The products with maximum 4 stars have been considered legitimate. But also note that products with only positive reviews were considered as fake products.

Let’s have look why consumers are happy with review websites!!

Opened a Gateway

As mentioned earlier, the review websites and ecommerce website has kick opened a gate way for real time communication with the company. This gave them an option to trust the company or the seller so that they could do transactions with them. Earlier we never had an option to communicate with the company to give them ideas about the product they make. Like for example now we can ask a mobile company to improve their ram or processor on the next device.

Opened Way to Innovations

The review websites has also helped people to come forward with their ideas and dreams so that companies can implement them if they find it reasonable. This has helped a lot of people in fulfilling their dream projects. For example an Indian invented a car recently that runs on water. Companies are now in queue for him to let him join their company.

Pick the Right Product

As said more than 70% people believe in reviews from total strangers and buys product accordingly. The review about certain products has helped to pick or choose the right product that is suitable for us. Both the negative and positive reviews have its own impact on the popularity of a product.

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Platform to Express

As a review website it acts as a platform to express consumer’s thoughts and views about a company or its product and services. This actually resembles the right to express, one among the rights Indian constitution has given to Her citizens. Without the difference of him/her anyone can pass their own feedbacks about any of the company.


Writing reviews in review websites creates a bliss feeling in their hearts as they think they are helping the public. This has encouraged many more to write reviews too.

Review websites has gained a lot of public attraction in these days. The well maintained website already contains a massive amount of members who actively passes their reviews and queries. This has helped a lot of MNCs as well as small scale companies to firm their legs on the field.

Do you agree with my points? Feel free to comment me more!

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