Online Convert Free is a popular program for converting multiple files to multiple formats. You can use this comprehensive application to create Word, Excel and XML documents as well as several other formats from an existing PDF file. This converter is easy to use and super fast, even when converting batches of multiple documents. With a few clicks for setup, you can create convert folders worth of PDF files into your desired file format.

Features of this robust, all in one PDF Converter include:

  • Online Convert Free files to the 7 most popular file formats Set specific page ranges in your document for conversion. Online Convert Free is an multipurpose online converter for file , Image, audio, ebook and rar.
  • Free updates and tech support Multi-language support including over 5 languages eser-friendly interface that’s easy to setup and use

The All PDF Converter application does not necessitate the installation of Adobe on your system, making it perfect for any work or home environment. Its point-and-click menu makes it easy enough to use for those who’ve never tried to convert PDF files before. This program is a great choice for for converting multiple PDF files, as it has an automated workflow option so you can select your files and convert folders of documents with a single click.

This easy to use All in one converter will work on any Windows-based machine with XP or higher, so compatibility will never be an issue. Once you register the application you will be able to export multiple files at once, as the demo version restricts conversions to one per click.

The file types you can convert PDF files to with this PDF converter include:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • Excel
  • Txt
  • Word
  • Epub
  • Image

The All PDF Converter program includes a discount for multiple licenses, making it a great choice for corporate and small business environments. It only requires 512 MB of RAM and 10 MB, so you can use it on virtually any computer.

How to Use the Converter Application

After downloading this handy PDF conversion application, you simply need to grant yourself permission to install it on your system by clicking “Run” and “Allow” when prompted. Once the installation is complete you will be given the option to open the program, or you can double click your new desktop icon to open it directly.

One the left portion of the application’s dashboard screen you will notice a list of file formats. Select the format you wish to convert your PDF files to using your computer’s mouse. Next open the folder on your computer that contains the PDF files for conversion. Drag your desired files into the right-hand side of the application’s dashboard to add them to the query. Alternatively, you can browse for the files by clicking the “Add File” button on the applications lower menu.

Click the Settings menu option to edit the default conversion settings. This is where you can dictate the page ranges and other options regarding your new file formats. After choosing the correct settings for your project click “Save” and return to the dashboard.

Next, select the folder you want store the converted files in as they are exported. This option is on the lower portion of your dashboard near the main “Convert” button. Browse for the folder as you did when selecting your files, or simply select “Same as Resources” to use your original folder.

All that’s left to do to turn your PDF files into any other popular format is click the Convert button. The process will take a few seconds for a single file, or several minutes for larger file batches.

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