Facebook remarketing ads allows you to advertise to people who have visited your website via Facebook and left without converting.

Facebook remarketing ads will track your website visitors’ behaviors and display ads based on them. There are two ways to create a Facebook remarketing ad including Facebook Exchange (FBX) and Website Custom Audience (WCA).

In Facebook Exchange, you will create ads targeted on specific groups of Facebook visitors to your website through a third party advertising vendor. In Website Custom Audiences, you create the ad through a power editor on Facebook.
You can create various kinds of ads with the Website Custom Audiences. On the other hand, you can only create domain ad if you use Facebook Exchange.

Small businesses can use Website Custom Audiences. Big businesses should use both Website Custom Audiences and FBX. With Facebook Exchange, big online businesses can automatically display liquid ads based on the product pages the visitors have visited.

You can choose the type of audience you want your ad to target such as data file custom audience, MailChimp custom audience, custom audience from your mobile app and custom audience from your website.

The default audience setting in WCA is displaying the ads to anyone who visit your website in the last 30 days. You can also choose to only let the ads display to people who visit specific web pages. You can set the criteria for the ads to display such as URL keywords.

Apart from the default 30 days option, there is also an option to set the duration to 180 days. Websites with few visitors should use longer durations while websites with lots of visitors should use short durations. If you have small budget, you should choose short duration.

You can create WCA for different types of topics if your website covers different topics of contents. You can target your Facebook ads on different categories of products on your store. You should create a WCA for your landing pages, especially those that receive a lot of traffic. You can create WCA for abandoned shopping carts. The ad can send a message that encourages the customers to continue with the purchase.


You can create WCAs for the success pages of all your products. The success page will appear when a customer has purchased your products. The success page WCA can be used to let your customers know when you have released a newer version of your product. You can also create a success page WCA if you want to encourage your customer to purchase a higher price version of the product.


WCA can be used to reengage visitors who have not come back to visit your website for 30 days – 180 days. You can use WCA to reengage visitors to prevent them from losing interest in your product and cancel your membership. You can exclude showing the ad to visitors who have completed a sale and visited the thank you page.


In conclusion, Facebook remarketing ad can increase your conversion rate. It also helps to reduce the overall cost per customer.

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