From the past few months, Instagram has changed a lot, and they are providing their users with new and exciting updates one after one. The newest feature added to your favorite photo sharing application is the “Instagram Stories.” Instagram stories allow you to make a slideshow of pictures you capture all day so your friends can see it in order and it also allows you to add text and stickers to the picture as well. It might sound very familiar to you because these are the kinds of feature you get to use on Snapchat, well now Instagram is going to give Snapchat a run for its money.

Here are few steps through which you can make your Instagram stories.


STEP #1 Update your Instagram:


To get started with the Instagram stories the first thing you need to do is to check whether your Instagram is up to date or not. If you have the latest updated version, then you are ready to go, but if not then here is what you need to do. Go to your application store search for “Instagram,” and when the app page opens click on the update button, it will only take a minute or two. Run the app and now you can see that your Instagram is up to date now.


STEP #2 Configure your privacy settings for Instagram stories:


After updating to the latest version of Instagram, you need to set up the privacy settings for your story before you share one. To set up the privacy settings go to your Instagram profile page and click on the settings options on the top right corner of your screen. Now select the story settings options, and now you can configure that who can see your stories, who can reply to your stories and if you want to save photos you share on the device as well.

instagram Stories

Well I don’t recommend hiding stories unless they are really private and you don’t want someone specific to look at it. Showing your stories to the public and using hashtags with it will help you engage more followers.

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STEP #3 Create your Instagram story:


Now to share your first story, tap on the plus button on the top left corner of the screen or swipe left to open the camera. You can also launch the stories quickly by swiping right from your feed. Now you can use the circle button on the center to capture a picture, or you can press and hold it to record a video you can also switch in between front and back camera and of course you can adjust camera flash as well. It also has a live video feature, boomerang, and hands-free mode as well.


STEP #4 Edit your Instagram story:


Now after capturing the picture or recording the video you can edit it before posting it. In editing option, you can add text to the picture or video, and you can also add a lot of stickers available on Instagram stories. You can also draw on your photos and video with the pen option accessible on the top corner.


how to create instagram Stories

On the bottom left corner, there is an option to save the picture or video to your device as well so you can always save it as well.


STEP #5 Share the story with your friends:


After editing the picture, you can send it to your story, or you can share it with a specific friend by clicking on them. Now you have completed your first Instagram story, and your friends can watch it on their feed.


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