Whatsapp is known to be the most easy text messaging social networking site. It has been founded on the year of 2009 and had been grown rapidly day by day. It offers a lot of rich features which includes contact addition automatically, instant text messaging, Whatsapp Status,Sending audios & videos, Even files using tricks.

Whatsapp had made over 500 million active users monthly globally and Last year Whatsapp is purchased by Facebook with 19$ billion. The App is growing more day by day because of it is saving people’s money. Texting and chatting using Whatsapp messenger is the best way to have contacting and discussing with Friends and Family.

Whatsapp is not only Beneficial for Personal use but it also helps us to use in our Business-

Here let us know some creative ways to use Whatsapp for business.

Creative ways to use whatsapp for business

Creative ways to use whatsapp for business

Creative Ways to Use Whatsapp for Business:

Being an entrepreneur we must know how to grow our Business. I have listed some important creative ways to use Whatsapp for your business.

  1. Engaging with Customers: Being an entrepreneur we must know how to keep engaging with customers. Since customer is the main thing of any business and by which our business can be profitable. So using Whatsapp we can keep connect with our customers by having important conversation about the goods and products.
  2. Advertising through Whatsapp: Whatsapp is the best way to contact people and it is the best channel you can use for advertising by making a structure messages and by sending to a particular person or by sending to a group.
  3. Promoting through Whatsapp: Sometimes when you have a discount and offers with a good cheap price, you can promote your business via Whatsapp by pinging everyone and by sending messages, images or video of your deals to everyone. You can also update your status about your deals and change your profile picture with the promotional pictures which you have.
  4. Researching market: For growing up your Business you can also organised surveys and focus on the group discussion with your customers, suppliers and employees and target the market segments on real time. Sometimes you can also choose some of the group members and alert them for the time from which you are going to start the discussion and what will be discussed during the discussion, so that they can be also prepare well by themselves.
  5. Start Running Campaigns: Start Running campaigns on Whatsapp and offer some coupons or products to the customers. You can let them to use your products and tell them to send images of using your product anywhere. This type of Campaigns helps you to target on the market very well.
  6. Managing project: You can create a project group of your Business or company on Whatsapp, so that people can keep interacting and everyone can be always concern about the project which is being managed.
  7. Calling service: For your Business You can use your Whatsapp calling service as a call centre. Sometimes, New customers or Existing customer can ask doubt or give any kind of feedback about your company Business which will help you to grow more and more. Using the whatsapp call you can allow them to call you anytime, if they have any kind of issue with your services or products and if you don’t want them to contact them at anytime then also you can set the date and time for calling you on Whatsapp.

These are some of the creative ways to use Whatsapp for Business. And this is how you can grow your business more and more.

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