Now a days we don’t have to remember our Wi-Fi password of current network, the smartphones and other devices remembers the passwords. But there are some cases in which the device forgets the Wi-Fi password or a friend or guest needs our Wi-Fi password and many other, such cases are rare but are possible; these problems can be easily solved. We will provide you here with some easy steps to find out password of current network. Whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network your computer saves that password so you don’t have to enter it every time, if it is remembered by the computer then you can reveal the password also.

find Wi-Fi Password of current Network


#Method 1

Use your Operating system to get you the Wi-Fi Password.

This method can be used only if you have a reliable connection with the Wi-Fi, if you don’t have a connection and lost the password from your device then follow the other Method please.


Open the Network Connection in windows by right clicking on the network icon on your system tray.


Click on Change the adapter settings on the left menu.


Right click on the wireless adapter and select Status.


Open Wireless Property and then click the Security tab, check show the password box and there you have your Wi-Fi password.

You get your Wi-Fi password which you forget and then can share with whom you want.



#Method 2

Download an software which reveals your Wi-Fi key from your windows registry.


Download Wireless Key View, the zip file needs to be extracted and then you can view the entire Wi-Fi password that the device has ever connected to.


Method 3

Get your Wi-Fi Password with command

Open command prompt and then type in

netsh wlan0 show profile name=”******” key=clear (without “ ”)

Place your Wi-Fi name instead of “******” (without “ ”)

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Method 4

This Method can be used for the person whose device forgot the Wi-Fi password.

Connect your computer with the modem or router via a cable/Ethernet and type the configuration ip for your modem e.g.: or etc.

Type in the password and login in to the modem or router.

Select wireless LAN and check out the Wi-Fi password.

You got the Wi-Fi password right.

If you have trouble getting into router then reset your device and do the process.

If the router is not yours then follow Method 3 and Method 2 because the registry d=saves the password and you can get Wi-Fi Password from those methods.


Method 5

Get Wi-Fi password on Mac OS

You can get your lost Wi-Fi password on Mac OS by a simple command

security find-generic-password –ga ******* | grep password

You can open the terminal and type the above command


Go to OS X Keychain enter your mac username and password to access it and then the Wi-Fi network password would be displayed on the screen in plain text.

This method is simple for a person with Mac OS so try this before using the command.


Method 6

Get Wi-Fi password in Linux.

If you want to find the password for the wireless network that you were currently connected to.

Right click on the connections icon at the top right choose edit connections and select wireless security and check show password and there you have your Wi-Fi password in Linux.


If you want to do it the command way then type in

sudo cat/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/******* (your network name instead of *******)

Look for a field named psk. This filed would be your password.


Method 7

Find  Wi-Fi password For Android Smartphone

You can easily recover Wi-Fi password in a rooted phone or un-rooted phone.

Un-rooted phone

Open file manager and navigate to “/data/Wi-Fi/”.

Now open bcm_supp.conf. or wpa_suppliciant.conf. with an text editor and you can view your password with label psk.

Rooted phone

There are many apps that give Wi-Fi passwords that were once connected to the device. One of them is Wi-Fi recovery and Wi-Fi password root. These applications are an ease and will show you the password.


These are the most common methods used to get the Wi-Fi password if you want to crack the Wi-Fi password then this article wouldn’t help you but you can get to know how to crack Wi-Fi password with us so stay updated with us.

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